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Offset Says Cardi B Fans ‘Better Chill’ For Mentioning Takeoff’s Death

Offset: "Fan wishing death on takeoff is crazy yal lil a$$ better chill"

Offset and Cardi B

Offset is not getting a rest as Cardi B fans terrorize him on social media after he seemingly celebrated his birthday without her and with some of the women who don’t even like her.

The former Migos rapper is being dragged for leaving his wife even as she had a public meltdown on Friday after he was spotted out in the vicinity of her nemesis, Jade, at his private birthday party at Coco Miami on Thursday night. Days before, he was seen with a model, London Perry, at Kanye West’s album listening party in Miami.

All day, the rapper was subjected to abuse and insults by fans after Cardi B broke down crying that he didn’t care about her despite her being committed and dedicated to him for years.

“Offset got caught DM’ing the girl then started tweeting gay to try and lie his way out. That was when I knew that this man doesn’t take anything in life serious. He only loves himself and Michael Jackson,” one person tweeted in reference to him being caught allegedly telling Jade “miss u fr” while Cardi’s criminal case was going on a year ago.

Offset tattoo of Takeoff / @yrnoffset

“We been knew offset was a cheater like I promise offset you don’t need to try and get us on your side we already dislike you,” another person tweeted.

“Offset grabbed Cardi B up when she was on the rise on a business move. He got hotter because of their relationship and marriage just like Jayz got hotter with Beyoncé. He been playin with her and gaslightin her thru the net. She gotta take her power back, not cry.….THE TRUTH!” one fan said.

“I feel so deeply for Cardi B. She did an interview once that stuck with me where she said after she announced her separation from Offset, it was her daddy who really pressured her to get back together with him despite the constant cheating and everything that happened,” another said.

“Offset definitely wouldn’t have been voicing a baby shark character if not for Cardi. The stats and what we can see show how much being viewed as a family man catapults a man’s career to new heights no matter the socioeconomic status,” another said.

Earlier this week, Cardi said Offset was playing games with her, and he’s been “doing me dirty” after so many years of her helping him and not even a thank you she’s received.

In the meantime, Offset has kept silent since his 32nd birthday party and Cardi’s meltdown. The rapper popped up on Saturday evening to address fans bringing up Takeoff.

“Fan wishing death on takeoff is crazy yal lil a$$ better chill,” he tweeted. He added in another tweet, “Correction: Fans using Takeoff’s name in the middle of all this isn’t cool. I’m still grieving my brother, and would like for his name to not be brought up.”


Cardi B fans were not giving him a pass, however. “Using Takeoff’s death as an excuse to come online to make Cardi’s fans look bad is crazy gas lighting. You have bigger things to worry about like your marriage and issues with Cardi, you sorry excuse of a man and husband!” one fan responded.

“You saw Cardi breaking down but Takeoff is where you draw the line?” another said.