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Meek Mill Scared To Do Interviews After Young Thug Rap Lyrics Ruling

Meek Mill speak out after judge ruled to allow prosecutors to use rap lyrics as evidence against Young Thug in the YSL Rico trial

Meek Mill
Meek Mill

Meek Mill voices his concerns about using rap lyrics as evidence in Young Thug’s YSL Rico trial.

Urban Islandz reported that the presiding judge ruled to allow rap lyrics as evidence against the Atlanta rapper in his upcoming trial. Fans and supporters of the YSL rapper have been reacting to the ruling, including Meek Mill, who says he is now scared to do interviews due to the ruling.

“Locking us [up] for rapping got me scared to do [an] interview. Free Jeff. Free Lucci,” Meek tweeted on Friday (November 10).

Meek Mill is among the growing number of celebrities who are sharing his support for rapper Young Thug, who is set to go on trial later this month for racketeering, murder, and other charges.

The trial is progressing slowly, with the prosecution barely meeting speedy trial deadlines last week in having a jury seated. Almost ten months since jury selection began, a panel of 12 jurors and six alternate jurors were selected ahead of the November 6 deadline (today). Had the court not had the jurors seated, the violation of speedy trial rules would have seen the case reindicted.

Opening arguments are set to take place on November 27, 2023. As of now, six (6) defendants are on trial, including Jeffery Williams, also known as Young Thug, Marquavius Huey, Deamonte “Yak Gotti” Kendrick, Quamarvious Nichols, Rodalius Ryan, and Shannon Stillwell.

As both the defense and prosecution prepare for the substantive trial, the defense appears at odds with the prosecution over discovery and has accused the latter of withholding exculpatory evidence. Judge Ural Glanville unleashed a tongue-lashing on the prosecution on Friday as he warned that the witness list has grown dramatically without proper explanation.

“I’m really annoyed about this, Ms. Holton, I really am. This is ridiculous. Your witness list has grown by two-thirds since then and I don’t know why. You better have a dang good explanation on the 16th,” the Judge said.

He continued, “If you don’t, I am going to exclude it. Right now, I am telling you, without anything further, it’s gone…This is ridiculous, there is no plausible explanation I’ve gotten and that would suffice … you keep dripping and dropping evidence,” the Judge chided.

The prosecutor, who is off camera, assures the Judge, “We will ask to be heard on the 16th, your honor, and we’ll have all of the explanations for the court.”

However, Glanville warns, “I’m telling you, it better be a good explanation and if it’s not, I’m gonna exclude it.”

In the meantime, Meek Mill also reacted to the Judge’s comments as he shared hope that Thug would beat the case.”Jeff gone beat this case it’s too messy,” he wrote on Twitter.