Luciano Apologize For ‘Falsely’ Blaming Lawyer For Bad VP Records Deal

Reggae legend Luciano issued an apology to an attorney he falsely blamed for a bad deal he signed with VP Records

Reggae artist Luciano

Reggae Artiste Luciano has issued an unequivocal apology to attorney Lloyd Stanbury after blasting him for deceiving him into signing an extended album deal with VP Records.

The reggae artiste on Tuesday said in an interview that he intended to do a one-album deal with VP Records following the release of his ‘A New Day’ album released in 2001. However, he claimed that he was tricked by VP Records and Stanbury to sign a four-album deal.

“It was a one-album deal so when I went to sign the contract, I remember clearly when I got the call from VP that I need to sign the contract because they can’t put out the album unless I sign the contract. I couldn’t get to go directly into the office and sign so I was instructed that I should go to Mr Lloyd Stanbury at his office, he’s the lawyer that represented VP,” he said.

Luciano went on to describe his interaction with Stanbury in signing the deal and said he trusted the attorney that he was also Rastafarian.

“Honestly, when I see a Rasta, growing up I know Rasta supposed to be a true representative of God and an image of the Almighty. So when I see Rasta mi drop mi guard and say from mi rasta mi good,” he added.

Luciano also ‘bun’ out Stanbury, who he said he raised his concerns about signing the document when he didn’t get a chance to read it. However, he admits that he failed to take the contract to his lawyer to “fine tune it” and “proofread it and go through all the fine lines.”

Stanbury also responded on Instagram after Luciano’s video was reposted.

The attorney admitted that he had a working relationship with VP Music Group for many years and represented many artists. However, he denied ever being the lawyer representing Luciano or VP Records.

“I was NEVER ever the lawyer representing VP Records. I have also never ever represented Luciano, nor have I ever given him legal advice about any contracts. Yes Luciano visited my office several years ago to sign a contract that he had negotiated himself with VP in connection with an album that was about to be released,” the attorney said.

Stanbury, however, denied that he had prepared the contract or was part of the negotiation process and said his office was just used as a location in Kingston where VP (located in New York) needed to send the instrument to be signed.

“As Luciano admitted himself in his interview, it was his ignorance and stupidity in not taking the contract to his attorney to examine with a “fine tooth comb” that resulted in his signing a document he did not understand,” the lawyer said.

Luciano on Thursday issued an apology to Stanbury.

“He has explained to be that he had not acted in the capacity as VP’s lawyer, neither was he representing me legally and he was not the one who constructed that contract…so I stand corrected Mr. Lloyd Stanbury and I apologize greatly sir,” he said.

The artiste also said he was trying to understand what took place, and he seems to have just discovered that he was bound in a four (4) album deal when he had only intended for it to be one album. VP Records has not responded to the latest claim by another reggae artiste. This is the latest in a raft of allegations that the label has engaged in shady business practices.

Reggae singer Etana is currently in court, suing the label over claims that she was tricked into signing a deal with a company affiliated with VP and for breach of contract and unpaid royalties.

Mr. Vegas previously threatened to sue the label but reached an out-of-court settlement last year.