Spice, Popcaan Reacts To Earthquake Leaving Jamaicans Nervous

Spice, Popcaan, Tarrus Riley, Romeich and more dancehall entertainers reacts to a 5.6 magnitude earthquake in Jamaica on Monday

Spice Popcaan
Spice, Popcaan

Dancehall artists Spice, Popcaan, Tarrus Riley, Spragga Benz and more shared their reaction after a strong earthquake left Jamaicans shook.

Jamaica’s capital, Kingston, was rocked by a 5.6 magnitude earthquake on Monday morning that sent locals scampering from business places, offices, and homes. The earthquake reportedly originated from the Hope Bay area of Portland, which borders Kingston.

Many Jamaicans online reacted to the earthquake, one of the most powerful to have hit the island in recent times. Many businesses immediately closed and sent home employees across the corporate area while the country’s Prime Minister Andrew Holness reported that the island suffered “minimal” damage to infrastructure.

Among those who have reacted are several artists who shared their experiences and commented on the magnitude of the quake.

The Marshall family- Tami Chin, Wayne Marshall, and son Gio were reportedly filming a TikTok challenge when their home started shaking.

Marshall is heard saying “ready” as the three break out into song. Seconds later, both Tami and Marshall shout in unison, “Oh my God, earthquake!” as they run out of the room, and Marshall shouts, “Where is the baby?”

“Ah di greatest earthquake Jamaica every feel in history. That name earthquake, earth shake. Jah Jah, hope everybody alright. Powers,” Tarrus Riley said in a video shared to his Instagram account.

Romeich also shared a video of him and his staff as they exited his business place following the tremors.

“Ah who gi wi pill,” the artiste manager said. In another post, he shared videos from other Jamaicans showing the aftermath of supermarkets messed up from the tremors. Glass bottles were broken and spilled across aisles.

“Hope you all safe out there. We must always give thanks to God!!!!” he captioned the post.

Spice also shared that she was in Jamaica and experienced the earthquake.

“OMG I’m in Jamaica who just felt that earthquake? My house was shaking,” the artiste said, adding hashtags that her bed was rocking. “Besties you ok?” she asked her fan base.

Spice Popcaan comment

“The bed really a rock under this earthquake,” the artiste added in another post promoting her latest song, “Bed A Rock.”

“Bomboc***t,” Popcaan added to his stories with the shocking face emoji.

Spragga Benz also shared a clip.