Teejay Calls Prince Swanny ‘Prince Crawny’ In New Byron Messia Diss Track ‘Unwanted’

Teejay takes aim at both Prince Swanny and Byron Messia in new song

Byron Messia Teejay Prince Swanny
Byron Messia, Teejay and Prince Swanny

Teejay delivers a second diss track aimed at Byron Messia, and this time Prince Swanny is caught in the crossfire.

Days after Teejay dropped his single “Warning,” Messia responded with a track called “Collision,” in which he went straight for the Montego Bay-based deejay and his camp. On Wednesday (October 4), the Uptop Boss followed up with another song, “Unwanted,” in which he took shots at the “Talibans” deejay and his close friend and mentor, Trinibad artist Prince Swanny.

“UTC me say inno, UTC to the world, Wah Byron a do, Byron never kill nobody dawg, Byron dem never buss gun bredda,” a man said in the song’s intro before Teejay delivers a melodic verse.

“Bwoy see the camp and ketch cold skin/ Chop off pig head and put it in a oven/ No laughing no talking no joking me shoot up the bar and the shorty yuh roll wid/ Act like say a me mek him mother disown him/ Better me use the rass chain and choke him…/ Clip a load up fi go do the patrolling,” the singjay spits.

Teejay also addressed Byron Messia’s message he shared on his Instagram Story last week for his close friends. It turns out that one of the persons on his close friends list leaked a screenshot of the message, which ultimately earned a response from the “Drift” deejay.

“We do badness no close friend posting/ Bad from which part how me no know him/ Hear say a Prince Crawny did a coach him/ Bout him a wrap up head give him a nose ring,” Teejay sings. “Cyan shoot up me car a no me in a dat/ Memba yo come a yard and drift and crash.”

Teejay addresses Byron Messia beef on Instagram Live

Teejay hopped on IG Live to mock his nemesis, Byron Messia, as he warns him to stay in his place while mocking his diss track.

The “Uptop Boss” took to Instagram on his birthday on Tuesday, where he reacted to Byron’s diss track “Collision,” released a day after Teejay’s agile diss track “Warning.”

According to the singer, he was going easy on Byron because he was celebrating his birthday, but that didn’t mean the 23-year-old St. Kitts artiste was going to escape his criticisms as he mocked Byron’s song.

“Piggy, please come with a better song. Mi see yuh fans ah put up vote bout sekkle the score. Bro, that can’t kill nobody. That can’t pass airport. Bro, if we ever hold you a Jamaica we give you two hard box. But mi nuh done with yuh case, not because ah mi birthday,” Teejay said.

The artiste continued, “Piggy no pig is allowed in Islam. You see that emoji weh unnu ah put up, ah somebody from Jamaica unnu a follow wid that something deh. Mi know all a da craft deh…you a likkle bwoy hear yute. You’re a child, you’re a big badmind corrupt child,” Teejay said.

Teejay also seemed to react to Byron calling him a “fan” after they both shared DMs and videos enjoying each other’s music prior to the beef.

“I’m your idol you idolize me,” Teejay said as he made several “oink oink” sounds.

“Yah eediat too mi shoulda never pay you no mind,” the artiste said, hinting that he was representing Jamaica against St. Kitts, which Byron Messia represents, although he was born in Jamaica.

“Mi like the entertainment and if ah entertainment you want and mi see St. Kitts people like the entertainment so mi ago entertain St. Kitts people dem cz me ago heave up like volcano ova dat pon unu, you hear. Don’t ramp wid we down yah. Rep this- the black, green, and gold…” Teejay said.

The beef between the artistes started this week following a post by Messia that targeted Teejay and Sumfest. It’s unclear Byron’s reason for telling both of them to “s**k dem mada,” but Teejay is not letting things go as he pressures the young artiste.