Plane With Masicka, Teejay and Malie Donn Had Engine Failure Mid-Flight

Dancehall artists Masicka, Teejay and Malie Donn had a scare on a flight when the plane lost one engine mid-flight

Malie Donn Masicka Teejay
Malie Donn and Masicka | Teejay

Dancehall artiste Teejay is sharing his gratitude to God as he revealed that an airplane that was carrying him, Masicka, and Malie Donn from Guyana to Suriname before heading to Jamaica encountered mechanical difficulties and caught fire mid-air.

The artistes were in Guyana for the Cricket Cup celebrations that saw several Jamaican artistes in the South American country. A reliable source confirmed to Urban Islandz that the aircraft was not a commercial flight, but rather it was a special flight carrying the artistes and their respective entourages, as well as a few Spanish travelers.

“The promoter chartered a plane for them and the plane engine failed in the air,” the source said, adding that the flight was leaving Guyana to bring the artistes and their entourages back to Jamaica on Monday night.

News reports out of Guyana say that the FlyAllways flight was carrying 44 people and had taken off in the morning hours on Monday and was about 20,000 feet in the air when one of its engines failed. Around 11:14 am, the plane returned to the CJIA airport after reporting engine failure to flight controllers. There were no reports of passenger injuries, but Teejay was visibly shaken when he went on Instagram Live after exiting the aircraft.

Teejay took to Instagram live on Monday night as he praised God for sparing his life from what could have been a plane crash.

“Yow suppen serious just happened bro. God real enuh? God good cause hear yah now. Bro, just deh pan a plane a while ago and we deh inna the plane bro. bro, smoke a smoke through the window off of the plane in the sky,” the artiste said.

He continued, “Then the [pilot] a say one a the engine dem stop working inna the air. Fada God, listen to me, God yuh real.”

“God nah make so much a wi dead one time a bumboclaat,” Teejay added while Malie Donn chimed in, “engine dem lock off jah jah, too much billions and trillions dem pan the plane.”

The artistes are seen in the live video at the Cheddi Jagan airport.

“Right now we just land back inna Guyana, I swear, first me see that, first bro,” Teejay said.

The Cheddi Jagan International Airport has not officially commented on the matter to confirm the reports.

Masicka has not spoken about the incident as yet.