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Quavo Shares He Cries Himself To Sleep Over Takeoff’s Death

Quavo opens up about life after fellow Migos rapper Takeoff's death

Takeoff Quavo
Takeoff and Quavo / Colors YouTube

Migos rapper Quavo is speaking for the first time as he shares how he has been coping with the death of his nephew and fellow Migos band member.

In a new interview, the artist says he misses the late Migos rapper as he tries to go on with life. Takeoff was shot and killed on November 1, 2022, during a dice game gone wrong. Quavo and fellow Migos member Offset shared that losing his fellow Migos has impacted them immensely.

“I miss him a lot and I love him, he know I love him…when you see me smiling or something you don’t ever gotta never think that I forgot about him or I forget about him, I think about him all the time. Sometimes I cry myself to sleep,” Quavo said.

He added, “I just know he here. I know if I can’t feel him, I know he around.”

The rapper’s conversation shared on his YouTube account comes ahead of releasing his forthcoming Rocket Power project.

Quavo shared that he has kept items belonging to the rapper, including his favorite chair, keeping his jewelry clean, and maintaining his car. “I feel my boy’s energy,” he said.

Quavo is not the one who has been struggling to come to terms with Quavo’s death. Months ago, Cardi shared that it was heartbreaking and scary seeing Offset getting the news that Takeoff was killed.

“[Offset was] just screaming and just throwing things, throwing up, running all over and I was so scared,” she said in a Jason Lee podcast.

Offset and Quavo have become closer since Takeoff’s death. The Migos had split around July 2022, months before Takeoff was killed, and Offset and Quavo appeared to be on bad terms.

They recently reconnected for the BET Awards and were seen after celebrating the rapper on his birthday.

In the meantime, one man, Patrick Clark, 33, is awaiting trial for killing Takeoff. Clark was seen on video brandishing a gun during the dice game moments before shots were fired.