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Tupac Shakur Murder Investigation Saw Cops Seizing Computers, Other Items

2Pac's 1996 murder is back in the spotlight after a SWAT team raided a property in Las Vegas in search of clues into one of hip hop most notorious murder cases

Tupac Shakur

Police officers have seized a computer and other evidence from a man who claimed in documentaries and a book that he was an eyewitness in the shooting of rapper Tupac Shakur in 1996

Nevada SWAT swarmed the home of the uncle of the man who was arrested as the shooter in 1996 as part of the ongoing investigation into the death of famous rapper 2Pac. The Los Angeles rapper was killed in 1996, and his murder remains unresolved, but the investigation appears active, with the police chasing leads that the uncle of a suspect may have evidence that could solve the crime.

On Monday night, more than 25 years since 2Pac was killed, cops raided a home in Henderson, Nevada which belonged to the uncle and aunt of 2Pac’s shooter, Orlando Anderson following claims by the uncle that he knew the shooter and was an eyewitness to the shooting.

Videos of the police entering the home of Duane “Keefe D” Davis, the uncle of Anderson, and his wife, Paula Clemons, were shared online, showing them attempting excess by using a bullhorn and later shouting at the couple to step out with their hands in the air. The cops took away computers, hard drives, and magazine articles from the home.

Las Vegas Metro PD SWAT has not shared any information for the reason behind the search, but according to TMZ, police might be searching to find other suspects in the rapper’s killing. Photos were taken from the home showing Anderson and other people who are possible suspects, as well as Keefe D’s book Compton Street Legend released in 2019, in which he spoke about the rapper’s killing.

2Pac was killed in a drive-by shooting on September 7, 1996, while on his way to a nightclub. The rapper was with Death Row Records founder Marion “Suge” Knight right after they watched the Mike Tyson vs Bruce Seldon fight at the MGM Grand.

The drive-by was done by one person who fired from a car that pulled up alongside Knight’s car by a stoplight, and Tupac, who was shot four times (two times in the chest), died almost a week later from a collapsed lung and heart failure.

There have been many theories about the murder, including that the shooting may have been retaliatory by the Crips gang in Compton over Tupac Shakur beating up a gang member earlier that day.

Anderson, who was arrested for the murder in 1996, was released without charges after urging that he was innocent. His uncle, however, sparked renewed interest in the case after he authored a book and conducted interviews for a 2019 Netflix documentary that saw him claiming to be an eyewitness to the shooting. Davis was never named in earlier police investigations until now.

In another documentary in 2018 by BET called Death Row Chronicles, he also claimed that he was in the car that pulled up alongside Suge Knight’s BMW from which the shots were fired.

Davis claimed that shots were fired from the backseat, but he refused to identify the shooter or others in the car and was silent when asked to confirm or deny his nephew was the shooter.