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Jamaicans To Pay Up To $1.5 Million For Chris Brown Performance, Where To Buy Tickets

Chris Brown's Jamaica concert ticket prices and where to buy tickets now available

Chris Brown
Chris Brown / @chrisbrownofficial IG

Some Jamaicans appear to be anxious and frustrated that the tickets for the Chris Brown concert have not been released for booking.

Last week, the news broke that Chris Brown would be on the island for BZR weekend on August 27th, 2023, and fans have been excited since, as this is the first time since 2010 that he is returning to Jamaica. Founder and CEO of BZR Weekend, Ryan Burke, revealed at a press launch last week that the performance would be part of Brown’s Under The Influence tour.

The ticket prices have shocked Jamaicans, who reacted to Burke revealing that the cheapest tickets for bleachers was US$45 and will go to as high as US$10,000 for Ultra VIP, which is around JM$7,000 and JM$1.55 million, respectively.

Mid-range tickets are “$75, $175, $275, $400, etc.,” Burke said but did not share definitively what the actual costs are.

Nevertheless, Jamaicans reacted to the cost of the tickets being high but shared that they are determined to purchase a ticket, even if that means sacrificing other things. Many were, however, disappointed as the tickets website failed to open on Tuesday despite a promise made by Burke.

“8:54 pm and all now tix can’t release. Not a good look,” one fan wrote on Instagram. “A affi prank because it’s almost 9:30 pm, at this point I give up on the ticket,” another person said.

A check late on Tuesday night revealed that the tickets were released around 9:30 PM with the various packages broken down and no ticket on sale for US$10,000.

Chris Brown concert fee
Chris Brown Jamaica concert fees

The lowest ticket costs U$45, while VIP starts with Blu Vew (VIP) for U$175, and Green Vew (VVIP) starts at $275. The latter two categories do not offer food, and the VIP experience does not include drinks, as persons have to use a cash bar. But the ticket does come with access to executive VIP bathrooms.

As for the higher categories of VIP, there’s Indigo (Ultra VIP) for $475, which is packaged to include a party ticket to other BZR events, access to food village and bars, souvenirs, and the regular trimmings of bathroom, parking and expedited entry.

Two categories of “Elevated Cabana Suite” are also on sale for US$5,000 and US$10,000, respectively.

Tickets are now available on Eventbrite. Patrons can expect additional performances by Ding Dong, Teejay, and Sean Kingston.