Shenseea Regrets Past Interviews Because Of Her Son, Foota Hype Reacts

Shenseea shares that she is regretful of past interviews discussing her intimacy because her son now asking questions as he grows older

Shenseea son raj
Shenseea and her son Rajeiro Lee

Shenseea says that she regrets exposing her sexuality and the kinds of music she makes as her son, who is now seven years old, is now asking her some uncomfortable questions.

While on Angela Yee’s Way Up talk show, the artiste said she wanted to ask Yee to remove the first show she had done months ago because her son was on the “internet crazy. He’s looking up everything. I don’t want him to see that interview,” she said laughing.

In that interview a year ago, Shenseea spoke about having oral and anal sex.

“I don’t see a future with somebody who doesn’t eat me, my sex life would be hella boring if that’s not in it,” she said.

The interview was no holds bar as the artiste revealed that she masturbated throughout the pandemic and even carries her sex toys in her handbags. Additionally, she said she would watch gay, bisexual, one-on-one, and orgies and even wanted to do an orgy in the future. The interview also went further to say she tried anal sex but stopped and wanted to try it again.

Foota Hype calls Shenseea a bad mother

Just a day before, Foota Hype bashed Shenseea for her liberal expressions after she said she wanted the video removed.

“Unnu dutty stinking followers nah memba say she [Shenseea] have a son weh have to go out into the public environment?” he said.

Foota Hype
Foota Hype

“Going out where other kids where other kids where weh know him mada..cause fi dem mada and father…are fans and like she and watch the things in the house and ah talk the things,” he said.

According to Foota Hype, Shenseea needed to “carry herself with a certain level of respect” so her son could live a “respectable life in the footstep of him mada.”

Foota Hype added that Shenseea deserved violence meted out to her.

“Shenseea deserve a hard box in her face. A hard box weh fly out the whole of her teeth dem and mi say that without apology. Yea, violence. Weh idiot gal do them suppn deh dem fi get lick in dem face, straight,” he said.

“As a mother and you have a son, you have to know what the f**k you doing,” he said.

In the meantime, Shenseea’s latest interview was more reserved, but still, she doubled down that she doesn’t care about the negative feedback coming from her “Lick” song and video.

“Ain’t nobody cares about no bad comments. That’s just on [the media] and that’s fine too. Keep talking,” she said.

Shenseea also spoke about her son motivating her and possibly having another child, but she revealed that she’s become so busy that she doesn’t have time to have sex.

Shenseea has been rumored to be dating producer London on Da Track, and while neither has explicitly denied it, they haven’t confirmed the reports. London’s second baby mother, Ebonii, has indirectly confirmed that the two could be more than collaborators, as Shenseea and her son have spent time at London’s home in the past.

“I just told my people like ‘Man I wana have another baby’. Just to see if it’s gonna get things rolling because that’s what happened to me the first time. I had zero dollars… I’m not worried, I’m just so happy. This baby makes me so happy, it made everything flow. Maybe I should have another.”

Shenseea also spoke about her new label, which she publicly bashed months ago for the rollout of her Alpha album.

According to her, she’s been trying to be patient with the new management while “adjusting” to not being under Romeich’s label.

“Now I have to be slowing it down and pacing myself so I can reach a broader audience,” she said.

“I’m getting more patient now but before I was like ‘what are you guys doing, I don’t like this, we’re not working, we’re not doing this'” she said.

She added, “We’re both adjusting.”

Shensee has not responded to Foota Hype.