Spice Shares What Started Erica Mena Feud: “Mi Kick Up Yuh Bloodcl**t”

Spice Erica Mena
Spice, Erica Mena

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’s Spice shares what started her very public feud with fellow cast member and Safaree Samuels’ baby mother, Erica Mena.

It seems that the upcoming season of Love & Hip Hop will be spicy as Spice promised Erica Mena, “mi ago kick up yuh bloodcl**t any weh me see you,” after the latter flipped a table at her during a filmed scene of the show this week.

On Tuesday, an angry Spice hopped online and blasted Mena, who she says continues to sleep with Safaree Samuels despite their divorce almost a year ago, and she also revealed that Mena was carrying feelings over Safaree and blaming everyone but herself for the situation.

While on Instagram Live, Spice lashed out at reports that her posts about Erica Mena on Tuesday were to promote Love & Hip Hop.

“Mi nuh do storyline, mi nuh do fake story, anything weh come outta mi mout, any story, any scene weh me do, it 100% real cause me nuh have time to do fakeness and me nuh like fake people,” Spice said.

Spice had things to get off of her chest as she shared that also Mena was upset when Safaree cried after hearing she was in the hospital in a coma.

Spice and Safaree
Spice and Safaree

“When I was dying and Safaree was crying you was acting ballistic in the house – ‘why you crying for this b**tch, you wasn’t crying for me’ like what’s the comparison? Whatever yuh have going on inna yuh house nuh have nothing to do with me Erica,” Spice said.

Spice added that Mena was jealous of her because of her close friendship with Safaree.

“Mi nah f**k him baby ah promise you 100% and a million dollar I love Nicki Minaj gone to bed mi nah f**k Safaree..yuh affi get it inna yuh head,” Spice added.

Spice shared that Erica has been shady behind her back and blamed everyone for how Safaree treated her when she was the one still entertaining him despite them being divorced and Safaree dating other people since.

“You and Safaree divorced one year now and you still a f**k him and ah dat ah the problem and because me tell you… ya go tell me oh me a talk bout this f***t, how him become f*****t, up to last month him still a f**k you, you vex with me because me and Amara a friend… Amara was my friend before she go deh with Safaree,” Spice said as she revealed that Amara and Safaree are romantically involved.

Spice questioned Erica Mena about eldest son

Spice also questioned Erica about her oldest son, who was never in the picture, which she said was the precursor to her flipping the table over as if to fight Spice.

As for the critics, Spice also shared that, unlike Erica, she was a real entertainer and made money from her music career. “Mi nah look nothing from Love & Hip Hop, me is a real f**king artiste, outside of the show, one camera and off camera,” Spice said.

Spice also dissed Erica that she had been diagnosed with syphilis and needed to see her gynecologist.

In the meantime, Erica has been silent save for a short cryptic message posted on Instagram, seemingly addressing Spice. “Not a single person who played with me ended up in a better situation,” Mena wrote on Instagram.

Spice also seemingly reacted as she asked Mena what situation she was in and told her to stop being miserable because Safaree left her.