Alkaline Debuts New Song “Motivation”

Alkaline returns to dancehall airwaves with his new song "Motivation" take a listen


Alkaline dropped some motivation for his fans with his latest single. The Manhimselff isn’t known to drop a ton of new music at once, but since the start of the year, he has been on a roll, dropping about half a dozen new songs.

The single “Motivation” is the follow-up to his recently released “Boss,” which saw him teaming up with Autobamb Records and Sart Out Records, the same labels responsible for “Motivation.”

“Feel the pressure man a beat is like a sledge a never me dat a the pledge/ Concentrate and hold the faith hold up yo head, no mek nutten drive yo to the edge/ Must deh have a light in a di tunnel, No matter how it hard and weightier than a dumbbell,” Alkaline deejays over an infectious beat. “Attaining, achieving prevailing like like when light illuminate a success we a radiate.”

Vendetta fans have been reacting to the new song with positive reviews, with some saying the song is welcoming during this time when people need some motivation to keep going. “Stay strong everyone alkaline giving us lots of motivation and inspiring message in this one as always he never disappoint,” one fan wrote.

Another fan added, “We’re on the journey with you alkaline with all the love so don’t care about who don’t you’re our gift from the almighty God. 6 years listening alkaline and he never dissapoints ‘DETTA FI LIFE,'”

Alkaline is currently working on his third album, due sometime this year. The Vendetta leader has not revealed any details about the project, but sources on his production team told Urban Islandz that it would arrive by the end of the year and could likely hit streaming services by summer 2023. Last year, he released his The Ripple EFFX EP, and in 2021, Alka released his sophomore album Top Prize. His debut project, New Level Unlocked, was released in 2016.

Aside from music, Alkaline dipped his feet in modeling with his second appearance on Givenchy’s runway coming this year with an ad campaign.