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Ja Rule Explains How 50 Cent Stole His Style and Manipulate Fans

Ja Rule: "I don't understand how he was able to manipulate fans in that way"

50 Cent and Ja Rule beef
50 Cent and Ja Rule

Murder Inc. rapper Ja Rule is unbothered by his musical arch-enemy, 50 Cent, who continuously trolls him. The artists have one of the longest-running beef in hip hop, starting around 1999 after Ja Rule was reportedly robbed of his chain by a 50 Cent associate.

The beef spanned the 2000s, and even in recent years, 50 Cent would continually troll him or endorse fans doing the same.

In a recent sit down on Stepping into The Shade Room, Ja Rule, however, says 50 Cent copied his style of music, which was singing songs for females- something he initially mocked Ja over only to end up using the same formula for success.

“I don’t understand how he was able to manipulate fans in that way. If I like something, I like something…You can’t come tell me you ‘don’t like him because he makes songs for the females and sings’… and then you go and do the same thing I was doing and they love it, they love you for that. That was weird to me,” Ja Rule says.

He also added that he thinks fans have grown up and now see that his music is great and continues to be enjoyed by generations of people of all ages and backgrounds.

“I feel like people should really look at the strength of Ja Rule out of this situation. Put yourself in my shoes and ask yourself, would you still be here? would you still be strong, and shining and life is good? Would you?”

He added that his career saw many dramatic changes, including the Murder Inc. RICO trial, his label dropped by the parent company, going to jail for two years, and many of his fellow artists beefing with him. Still, despite everything falling on top of him, he “took it like a man,” and the 50 Cent beef is the least of his worries.

“You should look at that like, ‘Rule is a bad boy, there’s nothing that can stop this man. It’s a saying, it’s hard to beat a man who won’t stop fighting,” he continued.

Meanwhile, Ja Rule was asked if he would call a truce with 50 Cent, but the artist said there was no need for a truce.

“It’s the truth, I don’t have no issues with that man,” he says. “Let me ask you this question if 50 Cent was to walk into here right now, what you think was gonna happen?” he asked the host, who replied, “Nothing.”

“I just want people to understand my side of it. You always hear his side of it. My side is, I don’t really give a f**k. I’m cool,” he added.