Bounty Killer Calls Mr. Vegas A ‘Clout Chaser’ Over Police Comments

Bounty Killer: "You said that I'm a informer for motivating the security forces which even ur own brother is apart of that says a lot about a clout chaser"

Mr. Vegas Bounty Killer
Mr. Vegas, Bounty Killer

The dancehall legend calls his musical nemesis a clout chaser in his clap back.

Bounty Killer is defending himself against serious allegations by Mr. Vegas that he encourages the killings of law enforcement officers in the country. Jamaica’s crime situation has posed a challenge for police, who say they are underpaid and overworked, but this has not stopped cops from attempting to keep things under control. Unlike other countries, cops are not targeted specifically for carrying out their job.

However, a video of a passionate Bounty Killer unleashing his anger on traffic cops led to Mr. Vegas calling the Prime Minister to investigate the artist for seemingly encouraging harm to officers.

On Saturday, the “Living Dangerously” artist shared a reminder that he is not an enemy of police or law and order and that he is always in support of the efforts of the police.

The artist shared a throwback photo with former National Security Minister Bobby Montague in which he and fellow artist Ninjaman supported the thrust of the ministry and the training of police officers on the island. Killer also called Mr. Vegas a clout chaser for commenting.

“Lonely b**ch did u tag the @jcf_recruitingoffice and show them this six years [ago] and remember u said that I’m a informer for motivating the security forces which even ur own brother is apart of that says a lot about a clout chaser,” the artist said.

Bounty Killer explained that his reaction was to perceived disrespect and harassment and not because he hated security forces.

“I’m a law abiding citizen and I ain’t taking no disrespect or undue harassment from nobody so if I outburst then something had happened simple.”

Bounty Killer and Ninjaman, who is currently incarcerated, unite for an anti-crime initiative in Jamaica in 2017 with then National Security Minister Bobby Montague.

The artist was seen on video this week cursing and directing angry words at cops that stopped him and his entourage on his way to his godson Angel Doolas’ son, Nicholas Douglas’s funeral.

“A dat unuh come fi do prosecute somebody? One likkle simple traffic stop yuh come yah fi prosecute somebody. Okay, a hope when unuh get execute unuh nuh bawl bout prosecute,” Bounty Killer seething with anger, said.

Mr. Vegas, who is currently feuding with the “Dead This Time” artist, reposted the video on his Instagram account and said Bounty was “encouraging the assassination of our lawmen.”

“You can’t f**ing make this up! A suh him powerful?” he added as he tagged Prime Minister Andrew Holness on the post.