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Remy Ma Addresses Cardi B Using Her Photo To Troll Nicki Minaj On Twitter

Remy Ma
Remy Ma

Remy Ma was inadvertently dragged into the Cardi B/ JT/ Nicki Minaj beef last year.

The New York rapper says that while the pettiness of the incident was surprising, she wasn’t bothered by Cardi B using her photo on her Twitter account to troll Minaj. Remy Ma was asked about her reaction during her sit down with Hollywood Unlocked’s Jason Lee on Thursday. The now-famous blow-up occurred after fans of Cardi and JT clashed with Mina’s fanbase, the Barbs joining in to attack Bardi.

Nicki Minaj was not involved in the incident, but she changed her Twitter DP to a photo of JT to show her support and sent a direct shot at the “Money” rapper. Well, Cardi B also changed her DP to an image of Remy Ma, who became aware of the fracas by surprise.

“I ain’t even do nothing,” Remy Ma said.

Some fans had felt that Cardi had disrespected Remy but the rapper added, “I ain’t catch a stray, hold up, be clear. I was at home like this,” she said as she pointed out that her notifications were flooded after the incident.

Despite her fans trying to get Cardi to remove the DP, the rapper says she doesn’t care and is cool with Cardi.

“I don’t care. At all. I f**k with Cardi,” she said.

At the heart of the incident back in October, JT complimented GloRilla for her song “Tomorrow 2,” with Cardi B going to No. 1. Many of Cardi’s fans felt slighted by the compliment which left out Cardi B, particularly as Cardi previously worked with the City Girls and gave them a platform that no other artist had given them.

The entire thing led to a war of words between JT and fans of Cardi B. JT was then accused by Cardi B of working for “doggy treats.” The Bronx rapper references the City Girls rapper as being afraid to compliment her because she allegedly feared offending Nicki Minaj, who is feuding with Cardi.

The nasty spat has not been addressed by Cardi further, but she recently changed her DP to that of YOU actor Penn Badgley.