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NBA YoungBoy Breaks Down Entertainment Vs. Reality In Rap, New Album ‘Don’t Try This at Home’

NBA YoungBoy

YoungBoy Never Broke Again has revealed the name of his upcoming album, and he even gives a sneak peek of what fans can expect.

In a recent interview, NBA YoungBoy was asked about his upcoming album, which is named Don’t Try This at Home. When asked about the album itself, the rapper reveals that he intends to “talk his sh*t” on the project. “I’mma talk crazy on there,” he began. “Imma show you murda man. I’m letting you know tho, don’t try this at home,” the rapper quickly added.

YoungBoy is not new to provocative lyrics. The rapper took on a “Stop The Violence” mantra last year after starting 2022 shoulder-deep in a feud with Lil Durk as they both traded diss at each other. YoungBoy touched a sensitive spot for Durk as he repeatedly mentioned the late rapper King Von who was shot and killed in Georgia in 2020. Both rappers’ lyrics also involved their supporters and caused tensions with sections of the hip-hop community calling for them to knock it off.

While YoungBoy has been less incendiary with his music in the last few months, the rapper appeared to respond to imminent criticism adding, “It’s all entertainment bruh Imma talk my sh*t, and everything I talk you know don’t try this at home.”

When asked about how he differentiates entertainment from reality, the rapper went on to explain that man can’t divorce the two.

“Entertainment and reality is very different. What I do think some of the entertainers are making their entertainment their reality also,” he said.

He continued, “Don’t get me wrong too a lot of people too you see today oh that’s a 100% who they is. I don’t doubt a lot of rappers today like half of them 100% what they is but I guarantee you, bro, the majority of them…na.”

NBA YoungBoy also spoke about seeing the music videos of rappers who are all portraying themselves as gangsters.

YoungBoy’s plan to show fans “murda man” in new music appears contrary to a recent Billboard interview he did where he expressed regret at his past lyrics and said he felt responsible for how he influenced his large cult-like fan base.

“I was flooded with millions of dollars from the time I was 16, all the way to this point in my life and I woke up one morning, like damn!, they got me, man, like look at s*it I spoke about, look at the sh*t I put in these people ears Man,” he said in a video for the Billboard interview.

In the meantime, the upcoming album would be the 23-year-old’s sixth studio album.