TIDAL Launches ‘The Evolution of Reggae’ Campaign For Reggae Month 2023

TIDAL Reggae Month / Urban Islandz

TIDAL has created a dedicated space on its streaming platform to promote Reggae music during reggae month and has launched a special campaign, The Evolution of Reggae, to curate music that traces the genre’s beginnings to its current standing.

TIDAL has been busy making inroads in the Caribbean market since it first launched in 2016. More persons within the region have been turning to music subscriptions to enjoy music, and artists are also drawn to the platform to release their music.

Reggae music which forms a part of TIDAL’s offerings to consumers is being celebrated in Jamaica and across the world during the month of February, which is designated Reggae Month,

The company’s Reggae and dancehall curator, Reshma B, told Urban Islandz that the company will continue its Reggae Month celebration with Jamaican cult classic film, Rockers, streaming for the entire week starting on February 15.

The iconic film included several artists who are now etched in history for their contributions to the development of the genre. These include the legendary Jacob Miller, Inner Circle, Burning Spear, Gregory Isaacs, Robbie Shakespeare, Big Youth, Leroy Smart, and Kiddus I.

The movie was created in the 70s in Kingston, Jamaica, and featured the ruggedness of the country’s working class working to make ends meet while enjoying Reggae music, a salve from the woes of the times.

The movie was also interspersed with musical renditions and featured a soundtrack with legends Peter Tosh, Bunny Wailer, and Third World.

The plot of the film surrounds the lives of protagonists drummer Leroy “Horsemouth” Wallace and ace saxophonist Richard “Dirty Harry” Hall as it juxtaposes the trials of one man who dreams of a big break from Jah music.

The characters encounter the tribulations of everyday life in the inner city, represented by Horsemouth’s prized motorcycle being stolen, and his unrelenting efforts to retrieve same lead to an unsavory clash with gangsters.

Reshma B

According to Reshma B, TIDAL’s promotion of the genre during Reggae Month aims to extend the influence of reggae across the global music industry, as the genre is undeniably a significant contributor to global popular culture.

She added that the streaming service has curated special playlists to celebrate the various growth stages of Reggae music, from Ska to pre-dancehall music.

“As the reggae & dancehall editor at TIDAL, it’s important for me to spotlight the unique sounds of reggae year-round, we especially want to honor and commemorate the genre and its history during Reggae Month. This year, on a weekly basis, we are digging deep into the evolution of reggae’s unique characteristics, starting from the genre’s inception from Ska to Rocksteady to Rockers and then to Early Dancehall Style.”

She added that TIDAL subscribers can watch the film “Rockers” for a limited time to reconnect to the early beginnings of Reggae music.

“We are hoping that reggae lovers and new fans enjoy diving into our curated playlists and original content interactive hub on TIDAL,” she added.