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Raz-B Shares Video of Alleged Scuffle With Ray J Over Bad Business Deal

Raz B Ray J
Raz B | Ray J / YouTube

Raz-B shares video evidence of his alleged scuffle with Ray J over a business deal that went sour.

A feud has been brewing for days between the two singers, and it appears they came close to blows recently after bumping into each other. The former B2K singer shared a short clip last night showing Ray J speaking with a female in a club.

It appears that the Love and Hip Hop star pushed Raz-B, who came up to him and said something. In the clip, you can also see Bobby V looking confused about what’s going on. The post has since been deleted from his Instagram account, but he did share a message explaining what went down.

“I pulled up on Ray J. He pushed and punched me,” Raz-B wrote. “He’s mad because I have footage that we paid him to direct! Now He say it’s too violent and not good for the culture! BUT YOU DID IT!!! Now you wanna fight me! Is that good for the culture?? – I’m really going to put the footage out NOW! #DFC.”

According to Ray J, he was taking a photo with a female fan before being confronted by Raz-B but denied that he pushed the B2K singer, saying it was all a misunderstanding.

“We had a misunderstanding- I didn’t even push him like that- and Im taking a pic with that girl and thats why u hear ‘Bobby you should be up here!’ Clearly you can see her posing for a pic smh. Come on Raz! Damn I cant win for losing,” Ray J said.

Speaking with TMZ over the weekend, Ray J reveals that he has been producing a show for the Dosh Network, which Raz-B is a part of, but he is uncomfortable with how grimy the show is and does not want them to put it out. The show is called, The Dosh Fight Club and the reality star says it goes against his morals due to the amount of fighting and craziness in the show.

Given Ray J’s track record, this could all be a marketing stunt for the new show. Only time will tell.

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