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Ice Spice Put Drill Music In Her Rearview: ‘I want diamond records and Grammys’

Ice Spice
Ice Spice / IG

Ice Spice is breaking down her catchy lyrics as she reveals that she is inspired by expressions on social media, and she also addresses speculations that there is beef between her and Drake.

The Bronx bombshell recently released her debut album, ‘Like…?’ which has received mixed reviews, marking her entrance into the hip-hop world as one of the youngest female rappers in the game right now.

Her song “Munch” took off on Tik Tok in 2022 and became the audio for many challenges on the viral platform, as many could relate to the lyrics. While many may have wondered where Ice Spice comes up with her lyrics, the rapper explains that she draws inspiration from relatable social media captions.

In an interview with the New York Times, Ice Spice says that reveals that she first began rapping by freestyling for her father as a child as he walked her to school daily.

It’s unclear if she had wanted to be a rapper, but she says at the end of her late teen years, her participation in the popular #BussItChallenge by Erica Banks gave her attention she has never received. She also details how the growing popularity of Brooklyn Drill rap influenced her to take on a career in rap.

Among those she was inspired by are the late Pop Smoke and Sheff G, whose lyrics she felt would make great social media captions.

“I like to hear catchy stuff and I always be thinking like, Damn, what should I caption this? So I just started coming up with mad captions,” she said.

The rapper also added that music was her escape from stress and managing the challenges in her life.

Now, with the launch of her debut album, Ice Spice reveals that she hopes to cross over as a hip hop/ pop artist and has a new song coming that remixes “Boy’s A Liar,” a popular British pop song.

“For me personally, I think I have passed that,” she said. “I do want to be a mainstream artist. I want diamond records and plaques and Grammys. So I think in order to get that, you do have to surpass just one subgenre.”

Ice Spice’s debut EP featured six tracks and one collaboration, a sample of Diddy’s “Gangsta Boo” featuring Lil Tjay.

Meanwhile, Ice Spice also cleared up rumors that she and Drake were romantically involved and that he dissed her on his album, ‘Her Loss.’

“She a 10 tryna rap, it’s good on mute,” Drake had rapped on “BackOutsideBoyz.”

Ice Spice had responded, “at least ima 10 [shrugging emoji] [laughing with tears emoji],” leading to fans concluding she had been replying to the purported diss.

However, Ice Spice says she and Drake do not have any animosity between them.

“We’re cool,” she said. “We spoke after that a couple [of] times and we’re good. There’s no beef.”

Drake has never addressed the speculations.