Aidonia & Kimberly Megan Makes First Public Appearance Since Son’s Death

Aidonia Kimberly
Aidonia and his wife Kimberly Megan

Dancehall artiste Aidonia took time out of his performance at Sandz festival on New Year’s Day to share love and appreciation for his wife Kimberly Megan after the death of their son Khalif.

The couple’s only child, 9-year-old King Khalif Lawrence, died on December 4. There are unconfirmed reports that young Khalif reportedly suffered from brain cancer and had been fighting the disease since 2019. During his performance, Aidonia paused to recognize his wife and her sacrifices. “Come here,” he says, leading Kimberly from the back of the stage.

“I have to make you smile cause you nah smile from wha day you know. So make me put a smile pon you face. Cause you a warrior you know. Cause from 2019 till now, nuff people don’t even know what we a go through. And you a hold it down pon the fort, nuff time we can’t even deh deh. Year and odd me nuh see me son and you deh deh wid him and hold it out you see me,” Aidonia said to Kimberly.

“Big up she, she a real girl. Real empress. Real queen. Yeah, yuh fi smile, yuh fi laugh because yeah, we lose we son and everything but we ago overcome you know. Jamaica love we, the people love we, God love we, we family love we and we friends love we, you hear that? We ago overcome,” Aidonia said as he asked his wife for one of her ‘chupz from yawd.’

The artist then explained to his fans that he was having a ‘Sheldon’ moment before going back to his music persona and continuing the performance. This is the first time the couple has been seen out since their son passed away and the first time they have publicly acknowledged grieving for him.

Aidonia has been in the game for around two decades and has over the years build a vast catalog of hits including “Yeah Yeah,” “U Know Di Vibe,” “VVS,” “Big Baller,” “Fi Di Jockey,” and “Nuh Boring Gyal.”