Jahshii and Brysco Brawled On Stage Ghetto Splash 2022

There was high drama at this year’s staging of Ghetto Splash 2022 after a fight broke out between rising artists Jahshii and Brysco on stage.

Ghetto Splash, which is organized by Shocking Vibes, is in its 33rd year, was held at Waterhouse Mini Stadium on Tuesday night and was not without its fair share of drama. The event featured a full star cast including Govii, Jahvillani, Jahmiel, Deep Jahi, Moyann, Stalk Ashley, Chris Martin, Bounty Killer, Beenie Man along with many other veterans from the dancehall space.

It also featured several new faces to dancehall music, including Jahshii, Kraff Brysco, Valiant, Bayka, Biggs Don, Skeng, Yaksta, 10Tik, and Shane O, among many others and it appears that while the older artists have made efforts at putting their differences aside, malice is brewing among two younger artists.

Videos from the event show Jahshii and Brysco in an altercation, with reports suggesting that Brysco tried to get on stage and take away Jahshii’s mic. In the video, there are three people on stage, Jahshii, who is performing, and another young artist named Rushane before Brysco comes on stage. In one part of the clip, Jahshii was performing his set when he did a Reggae freestyle when he also namedrop Brysco, who runs onto the stage wearing a red shirt and red cap and squares up on Jahshii.

Ruff Cut tries to haul Brysco off the stage, but the “Code (Ensure) boss takes a swing at Rushane before Jahshii jumps in, but he is held back by stage security wearing all black. Members of both artists’ camps also jump in, causing a brawl on stage.

Jahshii, however, continues the performance, and so does the band.

“Ruff Cut, you know how me know dem nuh bad? Badman don’t push badness, you know what badman tell them?” Jahshii asks before jumping and singing a verse from Capleton’s song “Bun Dem.”

“Yuh fawud from way a Montego Bay, yuh fawud pan the stage because you think the people dem know you, which in dem know you but mi ago tell you something again bro, mi already show you,” Jahshii says before singing another verse directed at Brysco.

“Artist ah artist, joke man ah joke man,” Jahshii sings while the crowd goes wild.

Some fans online reacting to the drama speculated that the rivalry between the artists might stem from them preparing for battle at Sting 2022 on December 26.

Neither of the two artists commented on the incident.