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Glorilla Doubles Down On Statement About Finding Love In The Club


GloRilla is not taking back her sage advice that it’s a bad idea to go searching for love in the club.

Earlier this week, the CMG rapper made the controversial statement that finding love in the club is a bad idea, as many men have the wrong idea. “If you trust a n***a that you met at the club, you’s a hot a** mess and a Godd**n fool, and you don’t got no motherf**kin’ home training,” the 23-year-old said in a video.

The “F.N.F. (Let’s Go)” rapper is standing behind her statement as she clarified what she meant on the Breakfast Club on Wednesday morning. On the show, Charlamagne Tha God played devil’s advocate.

“I agree with you,” he began. “I’m 44 [years old]. My old a** ain’t in no club. So if you tell me there ain’t nothin’ but h**s in the club, I gotta listen to you, Glo. Okay?”

GloRilla, however, says her statement is true. “I’m saying it’s a chance but I was really saying me being from Memphis…When you go in the club, you see the same people and they just in there, standing around. And what they doing? Looking for the h**s?” GloRilla said.

When asked by Angela Yee what she does when she goes clubbing, GloRilla said, “Looking for the h**s. Just be serious, a dude going to the club, what you doing in there?” she said before laughing.

While DJ Envy disagreed, the rapper added that looking for a serious connection in a club setting isn’t something she wants.

“I just feel like if you meet somebody in the club, you could have them, they could be your ‘Lil’ yeah’ but going into a relationship, you finna get your feelings hurt,” the rapper said before adding that she never dated anyone she met in the club.

“You can find a woman in the church, in the store, on the internet but it’s like, I just feel like if you go to the club, you there to have a good time and then go home and have a great time afterwards, why you want to get drunk for no reason?” she continued.