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Chris Brown Calls Out AMAs Low Ratings Following Canceled MJ Tribute

Chris Brown doesn’t seem to care for the explanation given by the production house that canceled his Michael Jackson Thriller 40th anniversary tribute that was to be aired on the American Music Awards show on Sunday night.

Earlier on Monday afternoon, Dick Clark Productions, which was responsible for producing the televised awards show, addressed the controversy after Brown revealed over the weekend that his Michael Jackson tribute was canceled for unknown reasons.

According to the company in an Entertainment Report, the tribute was canceled because of a change in the creative direction for Sunday night’s show. The company also said that it had nothing to do with Chris Brown following reports referencing Brown’s assault charges against Rihanna and claims that Jackson was an alleged child molester being the reason for the tribute getting canceled.

“Live shows change all the time, it’s the nature of this business; unfortunately, this element of the AMAs didn’t come together as we couldn’t align on the performance, to no fault of Chris Brown,” A statement said.

Brown had shared an eight-minute rehearsal video of the tribute that was to include fellow R&B artist Ciara. The tribute was to honor the late King of Pop on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of his album, ‘Thriller.’

“U SERIOUS?” Brown said about the tribute adding in the comments section, “WOULDVE been the ama performance but they cancelled me for reasons unknown.”

It seems that Chris is not here for the statement from Dick Clark Productions. On his Instagram Story, the ‘Breezy’ artist shared a screenshot of a report that said that ABC had averaged 3.3 million total viewers, and that number was down from 3.8 million, a new all-time low for the show.

Brown also shared the analytics for his rehearsal video, which had 11.7 million views.

“I’ll just leave this here,” he said with shrug emojis.

In the meantime, among those who celebrated the artist were Ciara and Kelly Rowland, who both shared glowing comments about Brown. On Monday afternoon, Ciara posted her rehearsal video and wrote on Instagram a message supporting Chris Brown. Kelly Rowland, who collected Brown’s Male R&B Artist, also thanked him for continuing to make great R&B music and being an excellent performer.

In supporting Chris Brown, Joyner Lucas wrote, “Chris was the first super star in the game to ever emrace me and do records and videos with me when every other rapper was afraid to. Free of charge. Came through and performed at my shows and treated me like a brother and because of him, I got embraced my everyone else. My bro will always have my loyalty and no matter how many people try to play him and sweep him under the rug and pretend like he isn’t the greatest entertainer next to Michael Jackson, ima always have his back the way he always had mines. Thank you to everyone giving my bro his flowers. He deserves it. Love to see the world finally stand behind Chris brown salute.”