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Drake’s Selfie In Bed Wearing A Bonnet Left Fans In Stitches, The Game Reacts

Drake selfie

Drake is getting roasted after sharing a snippet of his night routine, which involves sleeping with a satin bonnet to protect his braids.

Drake is once again a social media menace with another selfie that has him becoming a meme in 2022. The rapper traded in his duck mouth mirror selfie for one of him enjoying the soft life in his blue bonnet and white cotton sheets.

The photo was shared as part of a carousel on Instagram with the caption, “I was up plotting on the next one the night the last one dropped. you cant f*kn make this sh*t up.” Of course, it had to be the bonnet pic that goes viral despite the other photos, such as the rapper decked out in all leather or one where he is seen pointing a fake gun at the camera.

The photos appear to be promoting his latest album, Her Loss, featuring 21 Savage, with one showing him sipping a drink, a photo of a mixed drink, and another showing two women on their knees and hands while wearing carved pumpkins on their heads.

Shortly after posting the photos, fans didn’t waste time roasting the rapper, particularly the photo of him with the satin bonnet, as some also pointed out that his eyebrows appeared to be freshly done.

“Drake wearing a bonnet is further proof that he’s in his baddie era and it needs to stop,” one person said.

“Open your eyes everyone. Drake be doing things you don’t see on the surface. I’m positive he’s not trolling the internet. Some man out there knows his girl got that bonnet. drake just finished up with somebody’s girl. Y’all better check up on your lady instead of clowning drake,” another said.

“Why is Drake taking pictures in Nicki bonnet,” another said.

“This is peak messy. Because there’s a man out there who recognizes that bonnet and bed and is losing his sh*t, but y’all think it’s just drake in his own bed being sassy,” another said.

Some of the women seemed to support Drake’s choice to use a bonnet to protect his braids. The rapper started wearing his hair in corn rows earlier this year, and his braids are always in immaculate condition.

“Drake need to drop the link to the bonnet,” one said.

“I have this same bonnet, I’m onto you Drake,” another added.

Drake has been a source of jokes this week, with Dr. Miami joking that the rapper had liposuction to create his abs, while a cartoon portraying the rapper walking and swinging his hips to the soundtrack is one of his newer songs from Her Loss.

The album is set to debut at No. 1 on the Hot 100 chart with 410K units sold in the first week, making it the biggest hip-hop debut in 2022 and the biggest sales by a joint album.

Even The Game chimed in on Drake’s bonnet.