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Brandy Supports Ray J After Concerning Messages, Singer Was Drinking

Brandy and Ray J

Brandy join fans in supporting Ray J after a series of concerning messages.

In recent years and rightfully so, a special spotlight has been placed on mental health. This also applies to the super-demanding world of entertainment. That’s why fans immediately raised concern after Ray J posted a series of cryptic posts alluding to suicide. The posts which have since been deleted were uploaded to his Instagram account.

Some of the posts were split between his main Instagram profile and his InstaStories yesterday, October 6. From what was shared, it appears that the Love and Hip-Hop: Hollywood star may be having some suicidal ideations.

In most of the clips, he is seen sitting high above the ground, and several of them were captioned with various thoughts about jumping to his death. In the first clip, Ray J added an on-video comment that read: “If I die tonight.” That one was over a body of water. The caption read, “If it wasn’t 4 my Kidz I would jump off and die tonight.”

In another video, still, high above the ground, his legs can be seen hanging off of a ledge with yet another disturbing caption: “SHOULD I JUST JUMP off and end it rit. Now.”

TMZ reported that the R&B singer is currently in Mexico with ex-wife Princess Love and the couple’s two young children. The media outlet also said that they spoke to someone close to the situation who said that Ray J had been drinking and deleted the posts after his ex urged him to do so.

The person, who also asked to remain anonymous, also shared that the “One Wish” singer was just kidding around and that no steps have been taken at this time for him to seek professional or any other medical care.

On the surface, as is the case many times with mental health sufferers, he appears to be doing just fine. Recently on October 3, he posted just like a regular proud father would as he shared a clip of his two little ones dancing as he and Princess cheered them on.

Just a few hours later, he posted a Reel to address criticisms of his blond low-cut hairstyle with a black rose design added in.

“I use my social media to get opinions, some could be out of control, some could be real, or some could just be off the wal. Either way, it’s 2022 and this is how we do it. I’m back at it again me and Jackie going with a new color, a new scheme. This one is gonna be next level to the last one, right? And I got a lot of mixed feelings from my close friends about the blond, right?” he said.

He has been trending recently and, just last month, was once again in the spotlight after he revisited his exchanges with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. He revealed several text messages between him and the former couple about the new developments surrounding his and Kim’s infamous sex tape.

That led to him accusing Kris Jenner of attempting to block him from going into further detail about the sex tape, as he claimed that his Instagram account was restricted.

Brandy has since shared an Instagram post showing support to Ray J amid his concerning messages. “Need you bro [Ray J],” she wrote with a throwback photo of the two of them together.

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