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DaniLeigh and Radio Host Kendra G Squash Beef Over Failed Interview

Danileigh Kendra G

Kendra G and DaniLeigh have talked it out and claim that there was a lot of miscommunication between them, resulting in Kendra G claiming that Dani tried to remove her from an interview on her own radio show.

On Monday, Chicago radio host Kendra G dragged Dani Leigh after claiming that the artist insisted that she is removed from an interview Dani was to do at the radio station Kendra works at. Despite the harsh words Kendra had for Dani Leigh on Monday, she appeared mellow in a new video made with DaniLeigh where they addressed

“Women can talk and figure things out. We both were telling our truths, as in she genuinely didn’t know about the interview and I, her team genuinely conveyed that she did not want me apart of the interview which then prompted me to do that video,” Kendra G said in the video.

Kendra also explained that there was no malice against Dani Leigh leading to her doing the video. “She ate me up though,” Dani Leigh joked while Kendra added, “There is no joke in my heart with the energy about that video, that was my truth,” Kendra said.

DaniLeigh also added that there was no bad blood with Kendra as she was always riding for her.

Kendra added that the two women talked and there was a misunderstanding, and the team behind the scenes did speak on behalf of Dani Leigh. The Chicago radio host added that she was happy they could figure out things, and they hugged on video.

Kendra also joked about bringing the smoke with her interview questions for Dani Leigh as the rapper confirmed that they were going to do the interview.

On Monday, Kendra G. had very strong words for DaniLeigh, who was accused of successfully getting B. Simone removed from an Episode of Wild’N’Out last week and trying to do the same with her.

Dani Leigh did not deny the B. Simone incident and said that she didn’t want to deal with B. Simone’s energy as she hinted that the other woman may have cheated with her ex-boyfriend DaBaby during their relationship and she even released a diss track for her.

According to Kendra, Danie Leigh’s interview on 107.5 WGCI FM was slashed after the radio station refused to comply with her request.

“She was set to do an interview with the morning show and she requested that I, Kendra G., be removed from the interview because she was uncomfortable talking to me,” Kendra said as she threw barbs at her being a baby mother for DaBaby.

According to the Shaderoom, the request was made by DaniLeigh’s team.

DaniLeigh also denied the claims writing on Instagram Stories that she never heard anything about the interview.