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50 Cent Thinks Ludacris Manager Chaka Zulu Murder Charge Is Without Merit

50 Cent
50 Cent

50 Cent thinks that Chaka Zulu’s murder charge is without merits.

Ludacris’ manager, Chaka Zulu, is facing a murder charge concerning the shooting death of a man outside of his restaurant back in June. Zulu was arrested earlier in the week but is now on bail. Family members and members of the hip-hop community are speaking up in his defense, with many believing that the Zulu is innocent, and there is evidence that supports him.

On Thursday, new extended videos surfaced showing the events that unfolded and showed Zulu being beaten by a group of men before he fired at the deceased man in self-defense. Among those who are speaking up for Zulu is 50 Cent, who shared a message of support for the veteran hip-hop manager.

“Hold your head. I saw the tapes there is no way you should be charged with anything, the way they punched the young lady that there was crazy,” 50 Cent wrote on Instagram.

According to CCTV footage shared by TMZ, the deceased man Artez Benton was captured on camera on June 26 along with a group of men entering Zulu’s restaurant, Apt4B.

The footage shows the men parking in the valet area and then entering the restaurant before emerging from the restaurant about 10 minutes later. During this time, Zulu is captured on tape speaking to someone in the parking area and then walking towards the restaurant.

Fulton County Sheriff Office

While doing that, he and one of the men in Benton’s group- Tre’mon Robinson- get into a heated exchange. Family members of Zulu say that Robinson was ordered to leave the restaurant.

Things escalate after another man named Corey Crawford is seen going to his vehicle to collect something. Sources tell TMZ that upon Zulu seeing this, he thought that Crawford was going to collect a gun.

At this time, Robinson also appears to assault Zulu as he bumps him in his chest.

Zulu then reacts, but by this time, Crawford and Benton also begin to punch Zulu. A large group of people seems to be fighting, with some coming to the aid of Zulu, who is seen lying on the ground as the three men kick and punch him.

A woman who is said to be Zulu’s assistant was also present at the scene. She was punched in the face by Robinson after trying to intervene to help her boss.

As the woman falls to the ground, Crawford is then seen scrambling for cover behind two vehicles as shots ring out. The video shows Zulu getting up after being jumped and pointing his gun forward and firing in the direction of the man who punched his assistant.

In the video, Benton is seen holding his chest and trying to crawl away. He later died while receiving medical attention. Atlanta police have not addressed the new video circulating. Nevertheless, Zulu is being held for murder, aggravated assault, simple battery, and possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime.

Zulu has maintained that he is innocent. He was also shot during the incident.