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Logic Namedrop Tekashi 6ix9ine In Saying That 99% Of Rappers Are Fake

Logic says 99% of rappers are fake while namedropping 6ix9ine as an example.

Most hip-hop fans gravitate towards the genre because of the reality of the lyrics, including the grit of life in the streets. However, there have been instances of rappers who faked the lifestyle they were living to make sure their records sell.

That’s just what Logic chose to focus on during a recent interview on the Impaulsive podcast. According to the “Sucker For Pain” rapper, most rappers are putting out a fake persona and are lying about who they really are.

Logic went even further and said he believed about ninety-nine percent of rappers are in the “fake it until they make it” a game. They wear a mask, and it’s just not who they are, he continued. To illustrate his point better, he used Tekashi 6ix9ine and how he turned state witness to protect himself during the 2019 case against Nine Trey Gang.

“It’s very evident, right. I’m not talking sht, I’m just saying that he puts on this character especially if you judge based off what he said in court. That’s not my fcking business … I’m not calling Tekashi 6ix9ine out,” he added.

The Maryland native went on to explain that when people say Tekashi’s music is whack, they are referring to what he did. He also sought to drive home that he was not trying to call out the “Gooba” rapper and that he just wanted to use him as an example of some of the rappers out there that are more into creating a persona than focusing on their music.

Logic added that “because of that when people sht on their music or sht on them it doesn’t matter because they’re not really portraying who they are on the record.”

What do you think, are rappers faking it for the cash?