Shenseea Praised For Sumfest Performance, Skeng Delivered Closing Set With A Bang

Shenseea at Reggae Sumfest 2022

Shenseea gets praised for her performance at Reggae Sumfest 2022, while Skeng delivered a well-received closing set.

Skeng Don and Shenseea delivered as among the top performers for the night at Reggae Sumfest night one. The festival returned for the first time since a two-year hiatus due to the health events of the past two years, and fans couldn’t be more excited as they packed the Catherine Hall venue for the in-person staging to support their favorite artistes.

Among those fans raved about was Skeng, who hit the Reggae Sumfest stage for the first time and received the illustrious position of closing the show. According to reports, the singer’s set was rushed due to the event schedule being behind time, and Skeng touching the stage around 8 am. However, the artist still slayed his first Sumfest.

The artist was seen earlier this week putting in the work as he and fellow Dancehall deejay Jahshii came together to rehearse their sets. The 22-year-old artist came to prove a point as he delivered hits after hits of his extensive catalog, which includes songs like “Gvman Shift,” “Brrp,” “Street Cred,” and others.

Skeng is known for his usually grimy song themes, but he is fast rising as one of the biggest names in dancehall in Jamaica and growing in fame outside of the island.


The artist kept the crowd and fans engaged and energetic despite delivering the set in the early dawn hours as the sun came up on the all-night into day festival.

Many of the artist’s fans praised him for taking the top spot to close the show despite not having an album out and only entering the world of dancehall music just over two years ago in 2019.

“Imagine a year ago you weren’t getting booked for major shows, now you closing out Sumfest,” one of his fans wrote.

“This never happen inna Sumfest history….in a artist debut year dem close Sumfest…mi still a watch him, fi yuh ting Dj,” another said about the artiste’s fast rise to the top.

Meanwhile, Shenseea also made her debut at Sumfest for the first time, and she did not disappoint, certainly not in sex appeal or delivery, as she showed fans and critics alike how much she has grown as an entertainer and stage performer.

Shenseea delivered hits upon hits from her ‘Alpha’ album and some of her older songs which still have fans in a chokehold.

Wearing a sexy green satin body suit with matching gloves and thigh-high shoes, Shenseea came prepared with her mic and her body as she showed off her curvy figure and chunky cheeks.

In the middle of her set, she also stopped to heap praise on her local manager Romeich Major who discovered her talent and has been behind her career’s upward movements since she came into the music space five years ago.

“Romeich, dem call him my dressmaker, him use him hand and skill and from the ground right him build him thing,” she said, and she also introduced her DJ, Black Boy, who selects her music on stage, and her producer Snyder who builds her beats.

Shenseea showed off the Rolex watches she gifted the three men in gratitude for their support since the start of her career.

She also brought out viral sensation and upcoming artist 1 Biggs Don, who performed his “Rolex” song for the crowd.

Shenseea also performed “Lighter” with her son Rajeiro on stage with her, and she also received praise and commendations from her fans, especially as she paused her set to light up the stage to bring awareness to the plight of missing dancehall influencer Donna Lee Donaldson, who went missing last Wednesday and is yet to be found.

Shenseea’s performance has been crowned the best for a female entertainer for the night as she trended in the United States and Jamaica. The artiste was previously set to perform at Reggae Sumfest in 2019, but her manager had controversially pulled her performance as the price was not right.

At the time, Shenseea was still an upcoming artist. Now her profile has dramatically grown with her joining the hip hop community, and she now has a range of hip hop hits under her belt, including four Grammy nominations in 2022 alone.