Shenseea Must Haves While On Tour Includes Ginger Tea,”It’s A Must”


Believe in yourself like how Jamaicans believe in tea.

Shenseea is dishing on her must-haves that she can’t live without in her day-to-day life in her latest mini-feature for Billboard’s Honda Rider Rundown. In the video, just over a minute long, Shenseea explains that she has 60 seconds to explain the must-haves that she can’t live without in a bid to explain a little more about herself.

On the table, Shenseea opens several covered dishes with some of her favorite things she says she will likely pick as something she uses daily.

“There are a bunch of things from my rider, I gotta pick one from each which I can’t live without,” she explains as she dives into the picking.

Shenseea picks a camera over her chargers as she explains that she needs her photos on a daily. She also revealed a secret about herself- she has to have ginger tea before going on stage. It’s no secret that Jamaicans are big on ginger tea as there is the age-old belief that ginger tea “buss gas” or helps to relieve gas. Seems that Shenseea, who is very busy on the road, is picking ginger tea over chicken wings.

“I have to drink tea before I perform so it’s a must,” she says.

The ‘Alpha’ singer also picks a rag over tea bags and goes for gum over speakers.

She also shares a little about her favorite fruits noting that she will likely eat apricots over Dragon fruit before a performance as apricots won’t affect her make-up, while dragon fruit will require more work before you can enjoy the goodness. Despite being a down-to-earth chick and having shown she is fine with chopping up some coconuts, Shenseea isn’t afraid of some dragon fruit but notes before a performance. It’s a no-no because of the work and possible mess involved.

Shenseea is the latest artist to be featured on Honda Stage as she dishes on her own come-up story of growing up poor in rural Jamaica and then the inner city before hitting stardom as a talented dancehall and hip hop artist.