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Bobby Shmurda Rants Producers Overcharging Him, ATL Jacob Respond

Bobby Shmurda
Bobby Shmurda

Bobby Shmurda rants on IG that certain producers are overcharging him for beats and at least one producer, ATL Jacob responded.

Fans have been patiently waiting for new music from Bobby Shmurda, and it seems the wait will be even longer. Even though he indicated that his new EP would arrive sometime this summer, it seems there has been yet another setback.

This was confirmed yesterday, June 21, after footage surfaced online of the Miami native giving an update on his forthcoming project. It seems that he’s having some troubles with his producers on the album, who he claimed are taxing him heavily for beats. He said the current situation has him confused as his career has been doing well this year.

Bobby Shmurda added that the producers are giving him a very difficult time at the moment, and he wondered if they were so desperate for cash.

“I done made over a half a million for the year it can’t be that bad outside. Why is n***a’s oding right now?” he questioned.

The “Living Life” rapper also wondered what producers were hearing about him that would be driving them to keep upping their price. He also explained that another problem he is currently facing is the fact that even when producers send him beats, a lot of other rappers have already used them for their tracks.

Shmurda says it makes no sense to overpay for a beat that has already been used. He also shared some eye-opening figures with his fans which, if true, seems totally unreasonable.

“I’m not giving nas no fing $8,000-$10,000 for no fing producer or some bch. Who the fk told you nas to fing make songs with 10 muthafers on the song bch na, f you sending me? Those bumass n***as be sending me sht like that with like 10 nas on the song, bro. Don’t play me bro,” he added in an expletive-filled rant.

It’s been over a year since fans have been hoping to hear Shmurda’s full-length project. That’s ever since he was released from prison in February 2021. His first hurdle, according to Shmurda, was his former label, Epic Records, which was holding him back from releasing anything.

And even though he found a way out of it, it seems the challenges of the industry are causing further delays.

One producer, ATL Jacob, responded to Bobby Shmurda’s rant saying he is increasing his fees. “10k ain’t bad tho … i want 50k starting out,” Jacob tweeted.

“If you gonna work with the best producer pay what’s deserved,” the producer added on Twitter.