Woman Dexta Daps Dagger On Stage Addresses Transgender Rumors

Dexta Daps
Dexta Daps

Dexta Daps made headlines over the weekend after a video of his performance in the Bahamas was shared online, with some persons claiming that the person Daps was dancing with was a trans woman.

The woman in question is rubbishing the claims made about her sexuality online as she spoke about being a big fan of Dexta Daps and being happy to meet the singer.

On her Facebook page, under the name Kakes Albury, the woman clarifies that she was indeed at the event and that the rumors of her being trans are false.

“For those that missed it. Me being a good dancer I always say to myself and my best friend that if I ever got the chance I would want to give him my number, I am a Very Ambitious Women, and competitive so when it come to showing up and showing out I always do baby. I just want to say please stop spreading the FALSE rumors of me being a Trans/man w.e, please stop ruining Dexta Daps Name,” she began.

The woman also addressed the people who shared the video of her, which has since gone viral. It shows Dexta Daps lifting her legs up while performing the Jamaican dance called “daggering” before pulling her over his waist.

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She added that people have been judging her for the video.

“He is my favorite and only artist at heart (don’t get me wrong I love it all) but I have my reasons for his music and other dancehall music I Am Dancehall Queen I can do it all day… no ones perfect I don’t judge No One so I don’t expect no one to judge Me. Just wanna say Respect and thank you to everyone who stood up for Me(Kakes) and #dexta during this time we appreciate the love and support, and those of you that spoke down thank you too,” she said.

Dexta Daps has not reacted to the viral video but many local YouTube pages have shared the video with some slowing parts of it down to support their claim that Albury has a penis.