Popcaan Says He Warned UK Rapper Hypo Before He Was Killed

Popcaan Hypo
Popcaan, Hypo

Popcaan says he warned UK rapper Hypo about the streets before he was killed.

On Friday, a video of Hypo being stabbed during a fight at a party started making the rounds on social media. The 39-year-old artist, who is credited for his influence on the British rap scene, was later pronounced dead at the scene, much to the shock of onlookers. By then, his attackers had long left the scene.

East London police are currently investigating his death as a homicide and are calling for anyone with knowledge of the incident to come forward. At the time of this publication, police had not made an arrest.

Dancehall veteran Popcaan, who was a close friend of Hypo, has since reacted to his death. The St. Thomas deejay shared a photo of him and the rapper on his Instagram Story, showing them deep in conversation.

“Dunno how to accept this bro,” Popcaan wrote. “I try to warn you about the wolves on these streets bro!!! Gang sh*t same way, love you bro 4L @bigghypes east legend.”

Popcaan Instagram

Poppy also shared a video of himself with Hypo and his crew while he was in London earlier this year.

Hypo, whose real name is Lamar Jackson, previously dated Emeli Sandé before the two called it quits. The incident took place shortly after midnight at a party in the Woodford Green area of East London. Hypo was well known in the East London rap scene and was a leader in the Mashtown collective.

Hypo, who has a twin sister, spent part of his life in Jamaica but grew up in London, where he started his music career at a young age. In 2018, Hypo and Popcaan collaborated on the single “Run These Streets,” for which they received critical acclaim. The music video for that track was shot in Jamaica as Poppy welcomed the rapper and his team to the island with open arms.

Celebrity Anthony Briscoe calls on UK artistes to stop killing each other. He wrote, “Why in The UK Brother killing Brothers!!!! stop this Gang gang Sh*t!!!! glad i didnt grew up at there!! Were i grew up Police to strong for leting such things happening!!! in Every Living is one Soul.. the Soul of God!! no matter 5000 year ago or now!!!!! everything nd evrybidy is a Reflect! Stop beefing start understandig!!! why nd accept!! @bigghypes I knew Hypo good i knew hes big mouth but i understood and loved it.. bc he was always himself!!! even here in Switzerland in a Gucci Shop!! he was funny as F***.. still Hypo .. Authentic charming.. some ppl stay true and are stubbern. Same like numer 1-9 Every number is different!! but all number u can count together.”