Verse Simmonds Lauds Jada Kingdom Pen Game On “Dickmatized” Despite Breakup

Verse Simmons and Jada Kingdom
Verse Simmons and Jada Kingdom

Jada Kingdom’s ex-boyfriend Verse Simmonds praised her for her pen game after dropping off new song.

Jada Kingdom’s latest single, “Dickmatized” along with its accompanying music video, was worth the wait. The E-Syde Queen has been teasing the track for some time, and when it dropped on Friday (March 18), fans were not disappointed. The singer’s unique sultry and flow once again came to life on the ultra-sexy track, produced by Ayo Rodey and Stephen ‘Di Genius’ McGregor.

“I see something with us, more than f***ing, but I’m distracted every time you touch me, insane I must be,” she sings in the opening before jumping into a story of a man who does not treat her well, but she is unable to cut ties with him because of their exciting sex life.

“F**k nice an mi nuh care how yuh treat me… and that’s not right. The only thing exciting about us is our sex life / You a deal with me how yuh want and then I’m back there tonight / A tru the sex gi mi peace of mind and you know I don’t tolerate bad vibes / man I must be dickmatized,” she sings on the chorus.

The accompanying visuals display a sexy Jada Kingdom in a sand-bedded room, venting about her predicament in a white and gold two-piece set.

“Nah lie but Jada have a voice, a sound, and a image that deserve some real international recognition,” one person commented below the video, while another predicted, “This gon be a hit.”

Among the long list of supporters is the “Long Term” singer’s ex-boyfriend, Verse Simmonds, who appears to be keeping his word about always supporting her, despite their recent split.

The rapper, who has always described himself as Jada’s number one fan, hyping her talent on social media, took to his Instagram page to promote the E-Syde Queen amid what fans believe is a rocky break-up.

“Lets talk about how Mumma @jadakingdom be slidin on these records! Her pen is a f*ckin problem! Sophisticated and unapologetic caribbean style music but for the world tho! WHO ELSE be talkin like this?!?! NOBODY! And to be honest this s*it is light compared to how we about to be coming for the rest of the year!” Verse Simmonds captioned a clip of her lyric video on Saturday (March 19).

“Dickmatized” along with Jada’s October 2021 single “Jungle,” provides a taste of what’s coming on her highly anticipated debut EP that should be coming soon.