Spice Collects Nick Cannon’s ‘Wild N Out’ Million Dollar Comedy Chain


Spice rules ‘Wild N Out’ and collects the covetous million dollar comedy chain.

Proving that there are levels to her ability as an entertainer, Queen of Dancehall Spice took charge and rocked Nick Cannon’s ‘Wild N Out’ stage on an episode that aired on Tuesday (March 22nd). The “Go Dung Deh” artiste was the celebrity guest on the hit MTV show and the captain of the ‘New School team.’

‘Wild ‘N Out’ is an American sketch comedy game show TV series created and hosted by actor Nick Cannon and debuted on MTV in July 2005. The show has since been renewed through 16 seasons with celebrities from different genres appearing on its stage to compete for bragging rights. The series puts two teams of participants against each other in a series “improvisational” comedy games. Some of the celebrities who have participated over the years include Tracee Ellis Ross, Christina Milan, Common, Kevin Hart, Tyra Banks, Da Brat, Cedric the Entertainer, Kelly Rowland, Lil John, Kanye West, Busta Rhymes, and Charlie Murphy.

Several Jamaican celebrities have also made guest appearances on the series, with Sean Paul, Kranium, and Koffee all having a go at comedy, but it was Queen Spice who showed off her comedic side and took home the championship comedy chain. Appearing via Telepresence, Spice went head to head against ‘Old School’ team captain Nick Cannon in games dubbed ‘Remixes’, ‘Greenery Scenery’ and ‘Kick Dem out the Classroom.’ Spice, who was rocking two-toned hair, was on fire and quick with the responses, which was what stole the show as she gave as good as she got.

Spice Wild N Out
Spice on Wild N Out

At one point she quipped, “Get your weight up. Me will break your chest like ice. Your baby mommas caa cook, dem never use enough spice!” and sent the audience and the players on the opposing team reeling as they never expected that kind of wit.

In honor of Spice’s background, the episode focused some of the games’ themes on Jamaican culture, dubbing one game ‘remix: dancehall style’ and had Spice perform a dancehall remix to the popular nursery rhyme ‘Itsy Bitsy Spider’ while Nick’s team had to work with ‘Goldie Lock and the Three bears’. In the ‘greenery scenery’ sketch, team members had to imagine being on an island and tried to pull off an ‘island’ accent. When it became Spice’s time to shine, being born on an island gave her a natural advantage, and the “So Me Like It” entertainer went all out with her patois.

“Ohh, a wey dis me deh? Jamaica? No Man, dis a Spice island! Lemme explain to you, everything changes when you get to the islands. You stop speaking English and just drop real straight patois. You go dung on it, you stop dance pon you foot and dance pon you head. You go up inna tree, every lickle ting right deh so. Ackee and saltfish and dem supm deh… you understand what I’m saying right?” she quizzed the audience, and even though they really did not, it did not matter as her personality, and colorful language was such that she won two segments and ultimately was too hilarious and too wild not to be crowned champion.