Shenseea Addresses Lady Saw Criticism and Spice Failed Collab

Marion Hall Shenseea
Marion Hall, Shenseea

Shenseea is not shying away from discussing the issues surrounding her song “Lick” and the ensuing drama started by Lady Saw, now called Minister Marion Hall.

While on the Breakfast Club show to talk about her album, Shenseea recalled the drama after “Lick” featuring Megan Thee Stallion was dropped. According to her, she was surprised at the flair-up.

“That lick song really lick a lot of people,” she laughed. “Even after the song dropped, weeks passed, that was still going on. I was like ‘what is the matter with y’all? Over one song? You feel me. But I don’t think that, well maybe Lady Saw but I don’t think Spice was trying to come at me it was more everything that was happening around the song,” she said.

Minister Marion Hall, who had a grouse with Shenseea about the song, also extended her criticism to Spice as she unleashed an onslaught of criticisms and backed up feelings towards the “So Mi Like It Artist,” warning that her raunchy music will send her to hell.

Shenseea did not respond to Lady Saw even though the former dancehall artiste claimed that Shenseea had been in touch with her and they were going to do a song, a claim Shenseea broadly denied shortly after as she said she doesn’t have any collab coming with anyone soon.

The “Alpha’ artist also responded favorably to a possible collab with Spice when asked by Angela Yee.

“I mean I reached out a couple of times you feel me but I don’t know,” she said as Angela pointed out that men rarely have beef and are always willing to work with each other.

“I see Shaggy, Sean Paul, we see them working all the time,” Yee pointed out, which prompted Shenseea to reveal she has reached out to female artists with no success.

“I’ve been working with female artists though, I said it on my life too, I been trying to work with female artists,” she said.

“The only female artists I worked with is Nailah Black from the island of Trinidad and Moyann from Jamaica… I’ve sent songs or hit up [people] like ‘let’s make a song’, I feel like everything is time too you know, it’s not like I’m chasing,” she added.

This is not the first time that Shenseea has revealed that she wanted to work with Spice. Spice has never spoken on the issue except to offer that she and Shenseea’s manager had some issues.