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NLE Choppa Hung Up On Quavo’s Ex-Girlfriend Saweetie

NLE Choppa
NLE Choppa

NLE Choppa has a thing for “Icy Girl” rapper Saweetie and wouldn’t mind her joining him and his girlfriend in the bedroom.

The 19-year-old recently appeared on the “It’s Tricky with Raquel Harper” podcast and did not shy away from expressing his interest in the 28-year-old “My Type” artiste. “You also were saying earlier you think Saweetie’s a bad one, huh?” Harper asked the rap star during the interview. He did not hesitate to compliment, “Saweetie, she’s beautiful. She’s a beautiful lady.”

The host went on to question Choppa’s intentions with a hypothetical situation. “So if your girlfriend was right there, right, and Saweetie said, ‘Hey, you know what Choppa, I’m still tryin’ to see what it do,’ what do you say?” Unmoved by Harper’s pressing, he responded, “Me and my girl gonna see what’s up for sure. It’s simple…We gonna come through. We gonna have fun.”

NLE Choppa is not the first rapper to express his interest in the “Best Friend” rapper, and so far, only Migos rapper Quavo had publicly succeeded in wooing her. After announcing her split from Quavo in March last year, and soon after shooting down rumors that they were back together, Saweetie has been awakened to numerous flirtations from other Hip Hop stars.

In October 2021, Soulja Boy took to Twitter to question how he could get the opportunity to get romantically involved with Saweetie. “What a n***a gotta do to have @Saweetie” he wrote.

Saweetie did not respond to Soulja Boy’s advances, but a month later, she was rumored to be dating Lil Baby, after he took her on a 100K shopping spree at a New York-based Chanel store. But, both rappers had denied that there was anything romantic going on between them.

Nick Cannon also tried his luck that month, after Saweetie expressed her desire to start a family, a topic his name stays on top of on the entertainment scene. Nick, who fathers seven children with an eight on the way, jokingly responded to Saweetie’s “want some babies” tweet with a series of ‘thinking’ ‘laughing’ and ‘raised hand’ emojis.

That, too, did not earn a response from Saweetie. The “Tap In” rapper is yet to respond to the latest advances from NLE Choppa.