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50 Cent Cashes In On Fat Shaming Controversy With New G-Unit Merch

50 Cent
50 Cent / IG

50 Cent is among the pettiest when it comes to trolling people, and over the weekend, he got a dose of his own medicine after fans fat-shamed him while at the Super Bowl.

The New York rapper has made fun of Madonna enjoying her BBL results and new butt, and he has also called Lil’ Kim a ‘leprechaun’ as he made fun of the rapper’s outfit.

On Sunday, though, the shoe was on the other foot as fans turned on him and ruthlessly dragged him for his weight gain. Fans shared various fat jokes and body-shaming memes for his Super Bowl halftime show with an upside-down performance of “In da Club” as he repeated his hanging stunt from the 2003 video.

Fans did not care that the rapper was still able to effortlessly execute the stunt without injury, given that it’s almost 20 years since he last did it. They instead zoomed in on her weight gain.

“50 cent got fat now he a dollar,” tweeted one fan. “50 Cent out here looking like a FAT BAT,” said another who shared a screenshot of the “Wanksta” rhymer suspended in the air.

Many shared memes from his own “21 Questions” lyrics- “I love you like a fat kid
loves cake

However, 50 Cent sought to get the upper hand as he did not react to the trolls and instead sought to use the bad publicity to promote his new line of G-Unit streetwear.

“Get your G-Unit Tank tops & Headbands Now,” 50 Cent said on Twitter.

He also subtly responded to the fat-shamers as he shared a meme asking him and his halftime show co-stars, Dr. Dre, 56, Mary J. Blige, 51, Snoop Dogg, 50, Eminem, 49, and Kendrick Lamar, 34, to headline a tour.

Meanwhile, some of his fans were not here for the “chubby” comments as they defended him.

“What psychological delusion leads some to believe 50 Cent is FAT!? I don’t even give a f–k about Fifty, but this is ridiculous,” argued an ally.

“People tried to clown 50 Cent during the Super Bowl saying he got fat knowing damn well most of them aren’t in the same shape they were in 20 years ago either,” said another.

In the meantime, the rapper has not responded.