Koffee Breaks The Internet With Her Washboard Abs In New Photo

Koffee / Roc Nation

Koffee breaks the internet with a single photo of her washboard abs as she showcases her results from hitting the gym.

The Jamaican singer has popped with a new photo as she provokes speculation on her appearance. Koffee rarely shares personal photos on her social media account, but her latest photo is a first since her lengthy social media hiatus, which has seen only photos of her work and music being posted.

The reggae artist gave fans an update as she bared her well-defined abs and toned boy for fans as she posed in her Nike underpants.

Koffee never fails to get people talking. While the young Grammy-winner has her loyal fan base, many persons on social media still follow her and offer their unsolicited opinions on everything from her hair, her outfit, and her body.

The artist sparked a new debate online after posting the photo, with many asking if she had “top” surgery because her features were seemingly changing, and some even claim to see surgery scars on her chest.

‘Top’ surgery, is a procedure many trans men (people born biologically female but identifying as men) perform as they reduce the fat in their breasts and start to take on a more masculine-looking chest.

Koffee abs
Koffee abs / @originalkoffee IG

While Jamaica has become more tolerant of persons who identify as LGBTQIA, there are beloved fans of the artist who were curious about her looks.

On Instagram, one fan asked, “Did she do top surgery? Not to be rude or anything,” in response to the picture. Others offered their observations on the photo, “it looks to me like like those scars that trans men normally have when they remove their breasts.”

Koffee has never reacted to the speculations online, and rightly so since she should be able to live her best life. However, the reggae artiste, if she is confirmed to be gay or gender fluid, would be the first openly gay mainstream artiste from Jamaica.

To be clear, Koffee has never identified herself as anything other than a woman. Fans of the artistes, as well as critics, have cast their own judgments online, and so far, she has ignored the chatters and focuses on her music. Additionally, she has never confirmed that she has done any surgeries on her body. Again these are merely fans speculations.

What’s obvious is that she has been hitting the gym hard.

The 21-year-old artist is still riding high from her theme song feature in Jay-Z’s movie The Harder They Fall, released last year.

Koffee’s single “West Indies” is also doing well on the streaming charts since its release last year.