Shanice Combo Boss Going Viral Again For Valentine’s Combo Party Pt. 2

Shanice Combo Boss Kedesha
Shanice, Kedesha

Another Combo Party is underway despite cops on the hunt for Shanice Wilson, aka Combo Boss.

Forget about flowers, chocolates, and strawberries for valentines, as the hottest gift to secure may be a ‘combo’ if Shanice Wilson has her way. The budding entrepreneur is back with a vengeance in the New Year, ready to offer her services and give eager consumers another chance to ‘get busy.’

A ‘Combo Party Part 2’ is set for early February, and this time Wilson is moving the festivities out of St Catherine as she heads to the resort town of Ocho Rios to facilitate a bigger venue and possibly more relaxed protocols. Wilson made headlines in early December when her party went viral, attracted scores of patrons who came with their $5,000 in anticipation of a good time. However, the police caught wind of the activities and shut it down.

Now known on social media as the ‘Combo Boss’, Wilson posted a short but spicy ad promoting her upcoming event and inviting people to come out and support her party. Once again, social media is on fire as Combo Boss boldly promises the same J$5000 deal combination for favors of a sexual nature. Though she has categorically stated that she is not a prostitute, her risqué activities have the police searching for her earnestly for over a month to serve her with a summons.

In a video posted on her social media page, Wilson was promoting her new party and pulling out all the stops.

“Watch yah nuh man, from you hear the voice, you know sey a d Combo Boss and me nah talk bout nuh carbon copy combo boss,” she said. “People it’s a combo party part 2, next month, February 13, da party yah nah go good again. Me waa the whole a unnu just come fi unnu Pre-Valentine gift! You come and get a propa fix up and we want unnu get a propa s**k-off! Yea! So guess wha? When Valentines come, unnu suppose to feel light like a bird cuz unnu get a propa s**k-off the day before Valentines’ day. So come check in, February 13! Memba a me sey two grand f**k, three grand s**k and five grand unnu get the propa combo! How it go?! Bloodcl**t, memba a me sey f**k, s**k, chuck and duck! The place to be? Ochi!”

With such a loaded invitation, social media has been buzzing about the proposed combo. Her Instagram page had tons of comments from fans that were mostly encouraging of Wilson. They said that she was capitalizing on her creativity when many sit down and depend on others to assist them or pay their way. While not supporting how she is going about earning her coins, others admire her tenacity and versatility. One fan shared, “Unnu puh dung unnu toll money? Watch how d wul a we a run from police inn Ochi. Me a mek sure walk wid me vaccination card cazzzzzz…” while another chimed, “Me can kiss my valentine’s day present goodbye cause me done know awa ago go down.”