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Teejay Praised By Fans For Inspirational New Song “I’ll Touch the Sky”

Teejay Touch the Sky

Dancehall singer Teejay is getting a round of applause from his fans after dropping off an inspirational new song that couldn’t arrive at a better time.

Kicking the new year off with a bang, Teejay is inspiring music lovers with his latest track, “I’ll Touch the Sky,” dropped on Wednesday, January 12. Already fans are hailing it as a beacon of hope for those facing challenges over the past two years.

Produced by Damage Musiq, “I’ll Touch the Sky” arrives with a four-minute-long video that speaks to the impact of suicide. Research shared in the video estimates that globally a million people die at their own hands each year. In Jamaica, more than fifty deaths annually are attributed to suicide, with males making up the bulk of this statistic.

The visuals surround a man overwhelmed by all the trials and tribulations of life, including an ungrateful woman, eviction notice, and the death of his child. Not knowing where to turn, the man crumbles under all that pressure, all while being watched by Teejay, appearing as an angel dressed in all white, complete with wings.

Distraught, drunk, and depressed, the man puts a gun to his head and is about to pull the trigger when he hears Teejay’s song playing on the radio. He eventually puts away the gun and turns up the volume as he listens to the lyrics and takes comfort in the fact that he is not alone and tomorrow is another chance to better himself.

Teejay video
Teejay / YouTube

For everyone who has had challenges that at times seem insurmountable, this song is relatable as it speaks to how if we all had the chance, we would leave all of our cares behind and run, not walk away. In an ideal world, we would simply fly away without a backward glance. The song, therefore, is like a prayer or at least an earnest cry out to God to get us through those dark days and the tough times that we all face at some point.

Teejay sings, “Hey times a get crazy and man too much fight ennuh dawg, People nuh seem to amaze me again cuz mankind change up fast / Me nuh want unnu worry bout me enuh cuz me nuh see eunnu when nutten nah gwan, Me mother sey friends deceiving / And all the while, all the while, unnu prove it dawg / But if I, if I had wings, I’ll touch the sky. I woulda fly away ennuh. From everything. what a gwan eena me life.”

Teejay’s fans share their own experiences dealing with hard times, and they highlight that the song is a Godsend, especially as more and more people are suffering due to the effects of the pandemic. One fan commented, “visuals on point. Really love the message that’s been depicted here. Jah know Teejay wail in his music emotion, pain, passion and precise about what he is doing…..nuff youth like myself depends on these sounds to reassure us that there is hope.”

Another user praised the dancehall singjay posted, “I saw a preview on your Instagram page and had to go straight to YouTube to check this song out. It brought tears to my eyes because to be constantly struggling with no success no matter how hard I try is one of the most painful things and then that combined with depression and suicidal thoughts is not an easy task to handle daily. Sometimes I wonder how the hell I am still alive because most times I just want to give up and end it all. This song came at the right time when I needed a reminder not to give up. Thanks TeeJay!”

On his official Instagram page, two days before the official release of the track, he shared a short preview of the video with the caption, “I know things may seem rough and times are really hard right now but the only things we can do at times like these is stay focused. I know life may not be the way you planned it. I know you want to be doctor, pilot, policeman, or a judge but today you are exactly what God desired you to be.”

In an Instagram post today, Teejay reshared a YouTube comment from a woman who admitted that she contemplated taking her own life after her electricity got disconnected yesterday. “Teejay a yesterday mi light cut off. The amount a problems me have as a single mother, a swear me feel fi kill myself more while and left me two daughters. This song brings tears to mi eyes. You motivate mi today a swear! 20 years from now when this song has 100 million views, I’ll come back to this comment,” the comment read.

Since the comment, people have reached out to help the woman, while others have shared that they feel Teejay should personally reach out to her and offer financial and emotional assistance.