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Bobby Shmurda Hasn’t Had Control Of His Music In Almost A Decade

Bobby Shmurda
Bobby Shmurda

Bobby Shmurda has not made a hit song since coming out of jail, and his impatient fans who have been pressing him for new music have finally gotten an answer, although it’s not the answer they might be looking for.

Since coming from jail, the Brooklyn rapper has released a few songs like “Splash,” a remix of Skillibeng’s “Crocodile Teeth,” and “Cartier Lens.” Still, his music has not connected as it did in the past despite his fiery Rolling Loud New York performance recently.

Fans online have been bashing the rapper for “falling off” since returning from jail and having the worse comeback. However, Bobby Shmurda seems to be blaming his label for not being able to release new music since being released for almost a year now.

On Tuesday night, a post and delete by the New York rapper lament that he doesn’t know when new music is coming.

“I ain’t been in charge of my music since I was 19 years old and I just turned 27 and honestly idk when sh*t dropping so don’t ask me go ask them mf’s since they wanna control everything,” the rapper said.

Bobby Shmurda
Bobby Shmurda Instagram

Shmurda has deals with Roc Nation and Epic Records.

His Roc Nation management deal was announced in August 2021 with reports that he had recorded music with DaBaby, Migos, and Swae Lee for his debut album. There has not been a date set for the release of his debut album.

The Brooklyn rapper was sentenced to 7 years imprisonment for conspiracy and weapons charges in 2016. Prior to that, he had a record deal with Epic Records, which seems to be the source of the issues he is hinting at.

In February 2021, the rapper shared that he was experiencing label issues as he wanted out from his deal with Epic Records, which signed him following his debut song “Hot N***a,” exploding on the scene in 2014. He was scheduled to release his debut album under that deal, but he ended up going to jail causing those plans to be disrupted.

According to news reports, the label reportedly wants Shmurda to deliver on the contract terms they signed in 2014.

However, the issues between them appear long-running, with Bobby Shmurda in 2015 saying that the label refused to bail him out at the tune of $2 million and abandoned him when he was charged.

Even 50 Cent had called out the label for failing to stand behind its artists as he did with G-Unit artists in the past.

However, the label EVP basically said Shmurda did not have the economic value of a Snoop Dogg who was supported by his label 100% while battling murder charges.