Shab Don Denies Trying To Bribe Cop With $2 Million

Shab Don
Shab Don

Shab Don is denying he tried to bribed a police officer to help get read of gun charge.

The Montego Bay-based producer, whose real name is Linval Thompson was granted bond before being arrested again on corruption charges for allegedly trying to bribe a police officers by offering JM$2 million to get read of the illegal firearm. His attorney, Donahue Martin, is denying the allegations saying, “That conversation did not take place.”

Law enforcement says that Shab Don offered a police officer money to make the gun disappear. The music producer is now facing additional charges of breaches of the Corruption Prevention Act as a result of the alleged attempted bribe.

The attorney is now questioning the police motive since Shab Don was granted bail to the tune of JM$200,000

“We are prepared to defend ourselves, and I say ‘we’,” Martin added. “I made a bail application and my client was offered bail. It was hotly contested.”

Law enforcement also shared that the firearm seized from the producer at the time of his arrest was allegedly stolen from Atlanta Police Department. It’s unclear how the firearm was stolen and then ended up in the island, but JCF is currently working with their overseas counterparts to help break the case.

In the meantime, Donahue Martin is getting ready to apply for bond for a second time, as well as, prepare for possible trial.

Shab Don is the co-founder of the popular Montego Bay-based label, Shab Don Records. He previously worked with the likes of Vybz Kartel, Squash, Teejay, Daddy1, Ding Dong, and more artists.