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Rick Ross Flexes On Meek Mill With Impressive Diving Skills

Rick Ross

Meek Mill and Rick Ross are pitted against each other after showcasing their diving skills online.

During Vory’s 24th birthday party a week ago, Meek Mill took the time to show off his diving skills as he belly-flopped into the pool instead of diving headfirst. This subsequently created a surge of wholesome memes across multiple entertainment platforms, as many dubbed the dive as a failure.

Fans have been hilariously stating that Meek looked like the letter “V” going into the pool. Shortly after, the rapper attempted to make a comeback with a more synchronized dive, and sadly the damage has already been done.

“I dunno how they name dives but I would call that one the ‘Anchor’,” one fan responded, laughing. “Meek Mill ain’t got an athletic bone in his body,” added another.

It seems a time for celebrity diving was in the air, as Tuesday (August 25) Rick Ross took to his Instagram stories to exhibit his skills. Rick Ross shared a video of him diving into his lavish, resort-style pool.

Rick Ross currently owns the largest residential swimming pool in the U.S, displaying just how much he loves pools. In true rich demeanor, along with the massive pool, came the biggest house in Georgia. The “Bag Of Money” rapper frequently posts snippets of himself swimming with his fans and followers.

The post was also used to promote his new book, “The Perfect Day to Boss Up: A Hustler’s Guide,” Bel-Aire Bleu, and his Sweet Chili Lemon Pepper: Rap Snacks.

As expected, Rick Ross’ dive was flawless, and fans were impressed by the post. “That was a solid dive,” one fan commented.

The contrast between the two dives has sent fans into utter bliss as they jumped at the opportunity to troll Meek. Many users online also expressed that Meek should attempt learning a thing or two from Rick Ross.

Who do you believe had the better dive and which other celeb do you believe could give Meek and Rick Ross a run for their money?

Celebrity diving match, anyone?