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Blueface Gets Into Brawl In Boxing Ring, Chaos Broke Out Post Fight With TikTok Star

Blueface put hands on both a TikTok star and his fan in the boxing ring.

The West Coast rapper got more than he bargained for on Friday night when a fan-turned opponent forced him to throw hands shortly after he defeated his original challenger at the recently held Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship [BKFC 19.]

For his original matchup, Blueface, who falls into the category of Youtube sensation, was pitted against TikTok star Kane Trujillo aka Neumane. The rapper went on to defeat Trujillo after a decisive blow to the face. Unbeknownst to the “Thotiana” rapper, a spectator also wanted a piece of the action.

Some clips from the melee shows a man jumping into the ring to attack the rapper shortly after the boxing referee signaled an end to the original bout. Blueface showed just how he got down in the streets of LA when he returned blows to the mystery opponent before police and match officials pulled both men to separate sides of the ring.

Upon the confirmation of his fight against Trujillo, Blueface spoke about his inspiration for fighting. “I never boxed. I’m a gang member, so I just fight a lot,” he told TMZ. “All I need is a little training—get the fundamentals.”

The rapper has taken partial credit for the recent rise in celebrity boxing which has led to the likes of Lamar Odom, Logan Paul, Jose Canseco, Aaron Carter, and Bryce Hall throwing hands. He credits his backyard shenanigans with fellow rapper YK Osiris as the catalyst behind the reignition of the pastime.

“Honestly, I don’t know if you guys seen, but me and YK Osiris were actually boxing in the backyard for fun—sh*ts and giggles—and that’s really how all this celebrity boxing thing came about, in my opinion. ’Cause nobody was putting no gloves on and filming it until then.”

The rapper’s new Instagram page dedicated to his boxing activity has shown the rapper getting busy in the gym for tonight’s fight.

You can check out @bluefaceboxingcamp to catch more of what the rapper will be up to on that front. In the meantime, it seems the rapper is living up to his name by leaving at least two individuals with blue faces this evening.