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Beenie Man Still Dropping Punchlines On “No Lovin” With Shaka Pow

For any artist in the dancehall genre, getting a chance to work with the veterans is a dream come through. This dream became a reality for Shaka Pow, who is both a recording artist and a medical doctor, when he got the chance to team up with Beenie Man. The two have joined forces to put out a new track called “No Lovin,” which was produced by Chris Thomas of IWAAD Music and executive produced by Shaka’s Outfytt Record label.

The message behind the track is one that is much needed right now. It addresses the toxicity of many modern-day relationships and how music can be used to help heal these volatile situations.

Shaka Pow, whose real name is Garth McDonald, spoke with the STAR about the song and what he hopes it can achieve. He described it as a Jamaican classic that addresses the flaws that men present, which can often result in them getting “No Lovin.” It’s his opinion that men have to start learning how to treat women properly and treasure them instead of hurting them.

He added that he was still in shock that he got an opportunity to work with the King of Dancehall, saying that collab left him speechless. He also said that he impressed himself as he felt he was able to go toe to toe with the icon.

“Being able to be on a track with one of dancehall’s greatest of all time and actually hold my own was something remarkable. It was an equal collaboration where both of us were pulling our weight and it validates that Shaka Pow is a bad deejay from a long time,” he continued.

Of course, having such a powerful name on the track could do wonders for his career. This is something he admitted that he hopes happens for him. The “Hold A Strength” singer continued on to say that this track proves that he’s here to stay and make a difference in the genre.

He also revealed that this is just one of the many big collaborations that he has planned. He added that through his Outfytt Records label, he hopes that the track will do well internationally. It’s another reason he’s overjoyed that Beenie Man agreed to jump on the track, as he believes his star power could ensure the song’s success.

He praised the veteran artist for always taking an interest in helping other dancehall deejays.

“Beenie Man has always been so willing and flexible to voice with persons like myself and he has committed to working on a music video for this track. He has the network to get the song out there on high levels and he is happily pushing promotion. His willingness makes it clear why he is to so many the king of dancehall,” he added.

So far, things are looking good for them, as the song has been getting a lot of attention, he continued. The official audio for the track was uploaded to YouTube about a month ago and had a little over 10,000 views. Shaka Pow is a trained gynaecologist and, from the very start of his career, has stood up for dancehall and the artists involved in the genre.

He has been involved in the music industry for a number of years but has been gaining more recognition in recent times as he continues to adapt his style to suit the evolving dancehall game. In 2020 he rebranded himself as the Outfytt Boss as he continues to try and maintain a connection with his fan base.