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Polo G and Scottie Pippen Locks in “Hall of Fame” Conversation

Scottie Pippen thanks Polo G for keeping him relevant.

In a new video celebrating his upcoming album Hall of Fame, rapper Polo G sat down with NBA legend Scottie Pippen to discuss their Chicago origins and what it takes to be at the top of your game. Pippen gave Polo props at the start of the conversation, saying that he has been watching the young rapper grow and evolve throughout his career.

He also acknowledged Polo’s dedication to him on the track “33” and explained what it means to him to be a Hall of Famer, saying, “It’s a feeling of accomplishing a goal that you really didn’t set out for. It’s just something that you kind of achieved through your peers and the respect that people have for your craft.”

Polo G related to the concept of recognition being a byproduct of hard work and authenticity, saying, “I don’t really look at singles like I’m targeting a hit record, I really be trying to speak from the heart.” 

He went on to say that the trajectory of his career is a result of him always trying to top himself. “Now I gotta make sure they love me even more with my third project,” he said. “Every single time, I’m trying to ensure that it’s a win for me in the end and I’m trying to stay consistent too.”

When asked I he ever wanted to give up on his career, Scottie Pippen discussed some of his insecurities and struggles, the details of which are expected to show up in his forthcoming memoir titled Unguarded.

Meanwhile, Hall of Fame might turn out to be Polo G’s first No.1 album if he is able to overcome Migos’ Culture III to take the number one spot. As of right now, the Chi-Town rapper is projected to come in with a 9000-unit lead on the sales of his third album.