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Bobby Shmurda Pulls A Shaggy When Pressed About Rumored Girlfriend Lilly

Bobby Shmurda pulls a Shaggy when pressed about alleged new girlfriend name Lilly, but she’s calling him out for capping.

It doesn’t take much for social media users to take a rumor and blow it up. That’s just what’s happened to Bobby Shmurda, who, over the past 24 hours, has been the butt of Twitter jokes because of his alleged new love. The rumor of his alleged new boo spread like wildfire after several photos and videos that put him and a new woman only identified as Lilly began surfacing. So much so that fans started labeling them Hip-Hop’s newest couple. That shouldn’t have been a problem for the “Hot N*gga” rapper. After all, love is lovely, except for the fact that many called him out for dating a white woman.

It’s something that Hip-Hop fans have been very sensitive about over the years, as many of them insinuate that black rappers who make it often go for white women. As the news continued to spread, some users bashed him for dating a white woman while others simply made fun of the woman’s looks.

Bobby Shmurda felt the need to address the rumors himself and has flatly denied any involvement with the gentlemen’s club dancer. In a video clip posted by DJ Akademiks, he reiterates that he is not involved with the mystery woman. Even though the video isn’t of the best quality as the camera focuses on his SHMURDA chain and not his face, his voice is unmistakable.

“On gang, bro! I did not f*ck her, bro. That is not me, bro. That is the homeboy’s joint, bro,” he said at the beginning of his explanation before adding, “But that sh*t y’all saying tho, yall gotta chill with that sh*t, that social media bashing sh*t.”

An unidentified background supporter adds, “And they bashing her like that’s your girl,” while another person adds, “but sh*t, n***as don’t even know.” Shmurda then continues saying his piece on the matter. “Even if it was or it wasn’t bruh, that sh*t ain’t cool. Anyways, on gang, that’s not even me.”

When he is done saying his piece about the rumors, he continued on to say that social media users were trying to tempt him into wilding out. “I’m tryna be nice, and I’m tryna stay as a nice guy. I’m on parole, but y’all want me to wild the f**k out! But I ain’t gonna wild the f**k out yo. Y’all gotta be careful about what y’all say on this ‘gram.”

Turns out Lilly is calling Bobby Shmurda cap in a message she left in the comments of the video posted on IG. “Doesn’t know me? I picked him up from prison. Lefty needa get out your ear,” she said.