Dancehall Artist Khago Looks To Farming As A Side Hustle In The Pandemic

Dancehall Artiste Khago has turned to farming as the artiste disclosed that his agriculture ventures which includes planting ground provisions like yams and sweet potatoes and rearing poultry, keeps him busy outside of music.

The “Nah Sell Out Mi Fren” artiste who hails from the cool hills of Mandeville was seen in a recent feature on TVJ where he is busy reaping his yams as well as showing off his chickens.

The artiste says that his agriculture ventures coupled with his music business have helped him to have a stable home where he shows off his mansion that he is building. “one a di time dem run me down way down pan mi face, and mi a say mi shouldn’t build such a big house but anuh me a build it, mi just a spend money, sing some dub plate, buy some block, buy some steel and so but now it turn out to be something good.”

The artiste showed off his house to TVJ’s Anthony Miller, which showed a recording studio, a gym, and space to make music videos, but the artiste also keeps chickens, eggs, and frozen chicken in the house as he says it is all part of his business plan.

He added that he wanted to set a good example for his son to follow. “Mi likkle son mi want teach him the hustling, mi nuh want him be a scammer, mi want him be a schemer, so him a skim likkle chicken here and there and mi say wow mi hand gree’ with them, so mi buy 500 for myself and mi deh pan the internet and you know Facebook is where I keep my thing relevant,” he said.

He added that the business is lucrative. “1000 chicken is a million odd dollar and it take 6 weeks fi come een.” He added that he plans to open a shop right at his house to sell the chicken.

Meanwhile, Khago might appear to be one who is just starting out in business, but the artiste is savvy in the business of music as well. He recently won damages of $700K from a counterclaim from his former manager Flava McGregor in a South Florida court. He was sued by the manager after he severed ties, but the judge threw out the manager’s case and awarded Khago damages.

Khago recently hinted that he will be suing more dancehall producers among them, Seanizzle, DJ Frass, and NotNice.