Spice Pleads With Fans To Give Her Space On Stage, “Unu deaf?”


Spice has had enough of fans and her security crowding her space on stage.

The voluptuous dancehall diva vent in video posted via her Instagram today following her performance in West Palm Beach, Florida. During the clip, she implored her fans to allow her to work when she is on stage, bellowing, “come offa di stage.” Spice curtailed the harsh words by expressing that she loves her fans and appreciates them, but it has now become an issue as persons keep bombarding the stage whenever she is performing.

She pleaded with her fans, “Unnu know mi tek my stage show very serious. A one thing wid mi, mi love mi fans dem, mi very down to earth mi jump inna di crowd wid unnu mi gwaan wid miself. Mi like when my people dem enjoy dem self and have fun but one thing mi nah go settle fa when unnu see mi come a di show mi know unnu love mi an everything unnu offa the stage, come offa the stage and gimme some space mek mi work.”

Spice sought to remind the fans that there are persons who paid to go and see her perform, and their actions of bombarding the stage, which she says is “small,” is not only affecting her but also her patrons who are not getting a chance to see her full performance as their line of sight is now blocked off.

It has long been a practice of some patrons, especially the ones at dancehall events, to rush the stage during their favorite artiste’s performance. However, from this post, it’s clear to see Spice has had enough, and she is at her wit’s end. You can clearly hear the frustration in her voice as she begs them to refrain from the practice of rushing on stage and “blocking” the views of others.

With the caption, “I don’t want no crowd on the stage with me when am performing. Unnu deaf?” along with a few emojis venting her frustration, fans got the message loud and clear.

The responses quickly came rolling in, with celebs such as Jada Kingdom and Tony Matterhorn reveling in the situation. For the most part, her followers agreed with her stance, with one person even suggesting she make a song about it telling them “get off the bloodcl**t stage.”

Spice is currently in the US, and her rant follows a performance at “Day Rave” at West Palm Beach, Florida, where she was the featured act. Spice also made news headlines earlier this week when she posted a series of jobs via her Instagram page as she sought to construct a team in Atlanta team who would be responsible for her hair, makeup, and costumes, among other things. The singer has been doing very well for herself from music to reality TV, and she even has a new clothing line called “Grace Noir.”

Hopefully, her fans will take heed to her impassioned pleas to stop bombarding her stage as we know the Queen of Dancehall is not one to mince words, and she is also not afraid of resorting to action. As they say, “If you don’t hear, you will feel.”